UAE Allows 10-year Golden Visa To Specific Categories

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    UAE Allows 10-year Golden Visa To Specific Categories

    In order to attract bright, skilled, and talented overseas nationals, the UAE allows a 10-year golden visa to specific categories. The categories include all PhD holders, engineers, physicians in computer engineering, electronics, electricity, programming, and biotechnology, and graduates from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) accredited universities. Overseas in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) basically have renewable visas valid for only a few years tied to employment. In the past few years, the government has made its visa policy more versatile, providing longer residencies for specific kinds of entrepreneurs, students, and professionals.

    Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum delivered this influential announcement in a series of tweets. Making the announcement on his Twitter page, he said: “Brothers and sisters we approved today a decision to allow the 10 year golden visa to residents in the following categories: all physicians, all PHD holders, engineers in the field of electronics, computer engineering, programming, electricity, and biotechnology graduates from United Arab Emirates (UAE) accredited universities who scored Grade Point Average of 3.8 and above”.

    Al-Maktoum said that the move intends to keep “talented individual and sharp minds in the Gulf country and assist in nation-building.” The golden visa will also be allotted to holders of specific degrees in artificial intelligence, big data, epidemiology and virology, and United Arab Emirates (UAE) high school top graduates with their families, the Gulf News reported. The decision, which was approved by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Cabinet, objective to attract and retain experts and talented professionals from many fields and scientific disciplines, the report said.

    The golden card is an abiding residency program stated by the Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai in May 2019. Not long after its release, more than 400 entrepreneurs and investors, comprising some of their families, had already been allowed the visa, with many more getting it each day.

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    Initially, the golden card was announced as a permanent residence system; however, the Foreigners Affairs and General Directorate of Residency has since explained that it is, in fact, an abiding, ten-year visa that repeats. In September, the emirate of Dubai, a Middle East trade and tourism hub, said it would allot visas renewable every five years to affluent overseas retirees.

    When the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been hit hard by the falling international oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic, and the move is seen as the country’s attempt to revive its economy as overseas nationals have been leaving the gulf nation.

    The changes of 10 years golden visa will take place beginning from 1st December 2020. Along with this, the dynamic lifestyle and safety that are regarded as major characteristics of life in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Golden Residency holders and their families will be provided a 10-year residency visa.

    The new Golden Residency categories expand the programmer to further motivation innovation, creativity, and applied research, adding to the appeal of a career in the Emirates of the globe’s brightest individuals.

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