Abu Dhabi Release Freelancer License For UAE Residents

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    Abu Dhabi Release Freelancer License For UAE Residents, Citizens, Non-residents

    In Abu Dhabi, the freelancer license has been introduced, which will cover the 48 kinds of business activities conducted in the Emirate. As per the details, Abu Dhabi releases freelance licenses for UAE residents, citizens, and non-residents, and this license has been announced by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Officials said that the citizens could also apply for residence visas. Office space is also not necessary. 

    This license is expected to help companies take benefit of the broad experience and expertise available in the market when being able to eliminate employment in specializations that are needed only periodically. This license will also enhance income for individuals such as students, homemakers, and retirees. To get the license, the applicants must prove a relevant skillset. United Arab Emirates (UAE) residents should also get prior approval for employment in public or private sector firms, f their opted activity is the same as their daily job. 

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    The resolution will contribute to boosting the role of both citizens and non-citizens in enhancing Abu Dhabi’s business sector said Rashed Abdulkarim Al Blooshi, the Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED). He noted that this will assist stimulate the business and investment ambiances in the Emirate and will generate more job chances in certain areas that add value to the business sector. 

    Rashed Abuldkarim Al Booshi explained that the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED)’s determination to qualify non-citizens for freelancer licenses would have a positive influence on the services sector in the Emirate because the economic activities under this type of license are mainly technical and service-related. Although numerous residents in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly those with adequate professional experience in Abu Dhabi’s labour market, have the technical skills to practice these activities.

    He also added the issuance of freelancer licenses would lead to several positive economic results like harnessing the skills of unemployed individuals. Along with this, it permits those with technical expertise to practice freelance activities after completing their regular work hours. 

    If the applicant works with a permanent employment contract in the private sector, the two cases are identified here. In the first case, if the employer’s action is similar to the activity of the demanded license, the employer’s support is a must. In the second case, the employer’s approval is not required of the employer’s activity is unique from the activity of the license to be issued. 

    Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has mentioned around 48 economic activities that can be practiced with the freelancer license. These comprised clothing, fashion design, photography studio, natural and aesthetic flower arrangement, event management, event photography, gift packaging, videography, jewellery design, project design, and management services, calligraphy, translation, statistical consultation, marketing operations management, drawing, and agriculture guidance. 

    Along with this, the freelancer license is also applicable for activities comprising real estate, computer hardware and software, public relations, legal consultancy, project development, procurement, green buildings, pest control, information technology, economic feasibility studies, heritage, human resources, tourism, standardization, and quality management, administrative studies, entertainment, food safety, fine art, architectural drawings, maritime services, and goods designs.

    In addition to these, consultation related to lifestyle development, marketing studies, banking and marketing services in the fields of energy, fitness, parliamentary studies, space and logistical consultations, gardening and landscaping, plastering, handicrafts, sculpting, artworks, orienting services, printing on textiles or clothes, soap-making, decoration, engraving, and photocopying are also comprised.

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