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    SAB Story

    Inder and Vandana met during their MBA days. They were always passionate about making a mark for themselves and had always been entrepreneurs at heart. On a long summer evening, Inder and Vandana began discussing how difficult things can be for someone who wants to open a company in Dubai and has been getting vague quotations and interpretations from numerous agents. Well, that struck the idea and got them going.

    They decided to start their own company which will not only help people across the globe to start a company in Dubai but will be so transparent that it becomes easy for young and budding entrepreneurs to enter the market with ease. They strategically named it Start Any Business. They conducted a few pilot tests and researched for 3 months before launching their business. They met numerous people, government officials, and various authorities to mix and match the best possible, easiest and cheapest way for entrepreneurs to start their business in Dubai.

    During the research they also met a number of agents in the same business to understand the various channels of income in this line. Most of them were vague, ambiguous, and unnecessary. Almost creating a sense of being cheated. They spoke about it, and the conclusion was, if they won’t be able to sleep at night by giving such vague quotations, why shouldn’t they just stick to being transparent and have a clear model of charges per service. The result – it hasn’t taken them long to reach the top in their line of business.

    Start Any Business (SAB) takes pride in its value-added service, integrity, and excellence. This business setup provider always offers professional and most reliable, transparent services that exceed your expectations. Being the best business setup provider in Dubai, Start Any Business has a unique team of business setup consultants and administrative professionals. So they don’t just help with registering your business; they have the expert staff that can help with paperwork, legal advice, and financial expertise. So basically, they can do it all for you!

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