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    Meydan free zone is perfectly based in the heart of Dubai emirate, which is nearby Dubai Downtown. This is one of the free zones that gives affordable business formation solutions. Meydan free zones inspire a lot of business people for forming a business here, but to do this you need a Meydan free zone company setup in Dubai. Start Any Business (SAB) will help you in getting such license in a short possible time and make it very reliable and legal procedure.

    Meydan free zone gives only Flexi-desk choice, which is very comfortable for those who don’t need an enduring physical office for their company. Meydan Stadium, in which Meydan free zone is located, is the strategic invention of the government of Dubai, which is desired at securing the globe with the Dubai emirate by the method of organizing global horse racing occasions. 

    If you are interested to start a business in Meydan Free zone, then the best way to deal with this is to consult with the Start Any Business professionals who will completely guide you throughout the procedure. They will give you very cost-effective business setup solution in Dubai, and make it a very successful business in a short possible time.

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    Company Formation in Meydan Free zone

    The process of the Meydan free zone company formation is quite simple with the assistance of Start Any Business (SAB) specialists. They comprise a set of necessary documents, the accomplishment of a business plan comprising financial projections, getting initial approval, and more. The clear description is as follows –

    • The first move is to complete the application form and present the essential documents with it. You can present the application through email or an online portal.

    • Make the payment of the corresponding charge as mentioned by the Free zone authorities.

    • Register your business name at the registrar’s office.

    • Once you have done with pre-approval and documents, an appointment with this Free zone has to be formed for your company registration. The procedure of Meydan free zone company setup takes almost a couple of weeks to finish.

    • Next, sign and verify the Memorandum of Association and Article of Association and renting contract by all the stakeholders in front of the Free zone officer.

    • The final move is to obtain all the additional approvals required. Like a few activities can need permission from different departments. Start Any Business will help you in documentation submission to execute further in this free zone. 

    Advantages of Company Formation in Meydan Free zone 

    Dubai emirate is promoted by the state government by smooth enrollment of your venture. Further, the new business people are also provided many advantages in this specific free zone.

    • The simple process of business formation in Meydan free zone.
    • Business people are provided permission to run their business via the Flexi desk.
    • Premium spot for your business formation.
    • Guaranteed full repatriation of invested profits and capital achieved.
    • Extremely secure business climate.
    • Premier spot for a new business situated in the emirate of Dubai.
    • Smooth and productive licensing and registration process.
    • A strategic spot near Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, closeness to the Dubai Logistic Corridor.
    • Protected regulated climate.
    • Very competent registration and licensing process.
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    Documents Required For Establishing A Branch Company

    There are a set of documents for company formation in Meydan free zone. Start Any Business professionals will help you in gathering the all the necessary documents for this procedure. The documents are mentioned below –

    • Application forms are fully signed by the licensed signatory.
    • Three-year business plan.
    • Copy of visa and passport of the director, manager, and stakeholder.
    • CV of the director, manager, or stakeholder.
    • Original bank reference letter or six months bank statement.
    • Audited financial statement.
    • Company brochure.
    • Registration Certificate, Incorporation certificate, good reputation certificate.
    • Memorandum of Association and Article of Association.
    • Board resolution calling for the formation of a Meydan free zone company.
    • Power of attorney of the director, manager, and secretary.
    • Attachment of Specimen signature.

    Types of License offered by Meydan free zone company

    Meydan free zone gives various kinds of activities that are clustered into Meydan free zone license that comprise – consultancy, commercial, and media license.

    Consulting License – This license permits to run consulting activities like Human resources, Business, Management, and other professional services.

    Commercial License – This Meydan free zone license in Dubai permits the import & export, distribution, and trading of various kinds of goods.

    Media License – This license comprises all types of advertising, media, and communication services.

    Start Any Business is a perfect solution for freelancers or small startups because, the company it gives the most suitable services for company formation and licensing in Meydan free zone Dubai. This can also be a perfect solution for the people who will prefer to form a business in the location of Dubai Downtown.

    The Activity Groups Offered By Meydan Free Zone 

    There are more than 1500 activities under their different activity sets for company formation in Meydan. Start Any Business (SAB) will give you guidance in choosing the right business activity as per your needs. Follow the mentioned-below list –

    Advertising – This activity set comprises specialized form activities, advertising, creative arts, photographic, and entertainment activities.

    Education &Training – These activity sets comprise education from pre-primary to secondary and high education, sports training, educational support activities, and recreational sports educational activities.

    Financial – This is a prominent activity set that comprises financial service, accounting, auditing, tax consultancy, bookkeeping, and monetary intermediation.

    Holding – It is a greatly demanding activity set that involves of activities of holding corporations. Tax advantages and smooth administration makes this activity set an appeal for a hod of businessman.

    Infrastructure – The activities in this cluster surround building construction, construction of utility assignments, construction of roads & railways, destruction, construction of other civil engineering assignments, the building of industrial machinery & appliances, and other technical construction activities.

    Logistics – This comprises inland water transport, warehousing, transportation support activities, storage, land transport, and courier & postal activities.

    Human Resources – This activity cluster comprises activities related to HR. This contains employment placement firms, HR provisional activities, and temporary employment firm activities.

    Legal – This activity set is suitable for a legal consultant company because this comprises a license for legal activities.

    Real Estate – This activity set comprises real estate activities with leased or own property, and activities about real estate on a cost or agreement basis.

    Management – This is a broad activity set that includes leadership consulting activities, business support services, activities of call centers.

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    Cost of Meydan Free zone Company Formation

    The Meydan free zone company formation cost is AED 21,020. This comprises the license cost of the first year, the cost of registering the company, cost of incorporation certificate, reservation of business name, MOA and AOA.

    Moreover, a desk in the free zone requires to be rented for every visa needed. The yearly cost for renting a desk is around AED 6,000. The desk is transferred and can be utilized four hours a week. The corporation requires to open a file with the department of immigration. Cost is 520 upon which a formation card is granted. The overall first year’s cost is almost AED 27,540.

    The yearly cost of renewal of a Meydan Free zone license in Dubai is around AED 15,000. Together with the admin desk rent, and the yearly renewal of the formation card, the overall yearly cost is up to AED 21,500.

    Start Any Business is a reputed name in this industry. They are well experienced and knowledgeable professionals that provide most reliable services. They will guide you on the company formation cost and are able to decrease your formation cost as much as possible. They can complete the process in a short possible time in a successful manner.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Meydan Free Zone Company Setup

    Meydan free zone business formation process is convenient, clear, and streamlined.

    • Determine the type of business activity
    • Fille the application form and submit the essential documents
    • Register the business name and reserve it with the Meydan free zone authority
    • Business registration and licensing needs
    • Get the signatures of stakeholders on essential documents.

    The cheapest free zone license you can get from the cheapest free zone in the UAE. That free zones are –

    • Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation
    • Ajman Media City
    • Sharjah Media City Free Zone
    • Ras Al Khaimah Free zone
    • International Free Zone Authority

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    Raja Adnan

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    Always Best choice to establish company is to process through sab ...I really appreciate there hard work and commitments.

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