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Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Setup

Abu Dhabi Freezone Company Setup

In Abu Dhabi, the business setup offers several advantages for companies to expand their setups in foreign countries. Abu Dhabi freezone company setup comprises paperwork and complications. Start Any Business (SAB) helps you to set up a company or business in Abu Dhabi Free Zones in the shortest time and also makes the process simpler.

Abu Dhabi is one of the largest of the Emirates and the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Abu Dhabi has several free zones which provide a praising atmosphere for companies and businesses set up in the UAE and also offer a gateway for overseas traders.

With the help of Start Any Business (SAB) you can easily register a business and company in Abu Dhabi freezone, even from the outside the UAE. Abu Dhabi freezone provides quick management services and world-class infrastructure. There are many benefits of setting up the company in Abu Dhabi Free zones such as 100% company ownership, assistance with staff visas and housing; 100% export and import tax exemptions, and many more.

Abu Dhabi free zone company setup

Abu Dhabi free zones are a part of the Emirate’s economic diversification initiative to enhance the local economy and promote overseas investment. Abu Dhabi FreeZone Company setup includes logistics companies, medium and heavy industries, media, and light companies primarily. Abu Dhabi’s free zone company setup enhances the economy in the area, promotes overseas investment, and drives development.

With the help of Abu Dhabi freezone Company consultants, you can easily and smoothly set up your company in Abu Dhabi freezone. While setting up a company in the Abu Dhabi freezone, one should be aware of all the legal procedures, licensing and registration needs, kinds of ownership possible, and funding needs.

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Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Free zone

A free trade zone in Abu Dhabi is an area within the UAE separate from the rest of the area in which all types of goods are used for the trading motive. Abu Dhabi free zones provide a wide range of incentives for entrepreneurs setting up a business. In any free trade zone, one can start a business with flexible amenities as well. To set up a company in Abu Dhabi free zone, it is a must to have a free zone license in Abu Dhabi. We help you to get your free zone license in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi free zone company setup requires comprehensive business planning and decision-making to make sure that relevant infrastructure is chosen and all the necessary formalities are taken care of. We have a specific team of experts with great knowledge of all company set up rules and regulations in Abu Dhabi free zones and can assist you with the company set up in Abu Dhabi in the commercial zone with affluence and make sure massive tax savings.

Abu Dhabi Free Zone Formation

The UAE government promotes Abu Dhabi free zone company set up to facilitate and promote overseas investment; hence the process for business setup is easy, simple, and less time-consuming. The free zones are set up as independent jurisdictions, which act as a single-window administration and permit expatriate traders to completely own a company without partnering with a UAE national.

The Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority is the independent government body that issues free zone operating licenses, manages the registration of non-resident companies, and offers help to companies in setting up their business. The procedure of setting up a business in the Abu Dhabi free zone is not at all complicated; to make it even easier, you need to hire an Abu Dhabi free zone consultancy. Being one of the best business setup consultancy in the UAE, we offer the best services to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions on Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Setup

How much does it cost to set up a company in Abu Dhabi?

The minimum share capital for setting up a company in Abu Dhabi free zone is AED 50,000 per corporation and AED 10,000 per stakeholder. For a company to be granted a general trading license, this must have a minimum of AED 1 million share capital.

Which is the Cheapest Freezone in UAE?

Here is the names of the cheapest free zone in the UAE
• Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park
• Ajman Media City
• Sharjah Media City Free zone
• Ras Al Khaimah
• International free zone authority

Is there a free zone in Abu Dhabi?

There are five free zones in Abu Dhabi that comprise –
• Abu Dhabi Airport Free zone
• Masdar City free zone
• Twofour54 Abu Dhabi
• Industrial City Abu Dhabi
• Abu Dhabi Global Market

Which is the Best Freezone in UAE?

• Al Khaimah Economic Zone

How do I choose a free zone?

Each free zone has different guidelines regarding business activities that can be performed within the zone, license requirements, capital needs, and type of legal units. There are many considerations. Start Any Business will help you in choosing the right free zone.

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