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Business License Dubai

Business License in Dubai is a mandatory need for every kind of company setup. Starting a new business in Dubai can be an interesting sight and numerous variables are required to be analyzed. But, the most essential of all is trade licensing in Dubai. Overseas traders setting up a business in Dubai have many licensing choices when starting a business in this Emirate. With us get your business license without any hassle.

A Dubai-based business license authorizes your company as a legitimate entity approved to do business. Not only this, but the trade license also knows you and your business ventures. It takes liability for your commercial operations and also defends public well-being and safety. It also permits legal entities to control and survey business performance in the city.

Why Business License in Dubai is Necessary?

A business license is one of the most vital aspects of a company set up in Dubai or UAE. Accomplishing the trade license in Dubai is not difficult with enterprising help and direction from specialist Start Any Business (SAB) license consultants. Our expert company for business license services in Dubai, UAE, assists you get a UAE license for your industrial, tourism, commercial, or professional business license in the Mainland free zone and offshore domains. Depending on your business entity’s nature, we will help you get the right trade license in Dubai for its stable operations and support.

Our company’s proficient experts will assist you regarding the most suitable business license in Dubai, UAE, to get you best results. We will help you in establishing up a business in Dubai and other areas in the UAE. Start Any Business (SAB) will help you set up a business in Dubai and other UAE areas.

There is a wide range of business licenses in Dubai, UAE that services to particular entrepreneurs needs. The number of company formation in the UAE is showing constant traction over the years with the more and more new company set up. The availability of several business license types in the UAE helps overseas traders effectively set up a company under certain business license types.

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A Complete guide on business licenses in Dubai

A business license is one of the most vital aspects of company setup in Dubai, UAE. Getting the business license is not at all an uphill task with proactive help and guidance from experienced Start Any Business (SAB) business setup consultants. There are mainly four types of Dubai business license-Commercial business license in Dubai, Professional business license Dubai, Industrial business license Dubai and Tourism business license Dubai. Our professional team for business license services in Dubai, UAE, helps you get any type of license you want.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is a government body committed with licensing companies or people who aspire to carry out businesses in Dubai. The DED allows business license in Dubai. To start a business in Dubai, business licensing is the most beginning stage; however, you also need to know that there are several agencies and jurisdiction that improves the system of business licensing.

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How To Get A Business License in Dubai

To set up a company in Dubai, there are numerous steps comprised. One of the essential measures is choosing a business activity to conclude the business license. Without getting a legitimate business license in Dubai, one cannot start the processes.

Following are the steps How to get your business license in Dubai:

  • Categorize your business
  • Choosing a relevant legal structure
  • Selecting a trading name
  • How much you require to invest
  • Lease or purchase office space
  • Get initial approval from the authority

How Can I Get an Online Business License in Dubai?

  1. Determine statutory structure for your company: The first step is to get an online business license in Dubai is to determine the legal structure of your business. 
  2. Select a place: The place here doesn’t indicate the area where you will set up an office, however the place from where you wish to acquire your license. 
  3. Register a company name: When your business does not have any substantial appearance, opt for a name that individuals will remember quickly. The business name can be utilized as your domain name so that individuals can smoothly find your business online.
  4. Apply for a license: After selecting the area, you have to apply for an online business license. The DED issued this license; hence it is vital to request them first.
  5. Apply for an initial permission certificate: An initial support certificate is a NOC from the officials to set up your e-commerce business in Dubai. It will be valid for six months, and it is not sustainable.
  6. Draft an MOA and local service agent agreement: You have to draft an MOA with the sponsor and submit it to the DED; if you choose the location of your company in the Mainland, then you have to follow this step.
  7. Physical office in Dubai: You also need to set up a physical office in Dubai as the officials in Dubai have made it compulsory to have an office to analyze it a legitimate entity.
  8. Import/Export needs: Your company must be filed with one of the ports and customs officials so that you can get an importer’s code. 
  9. Opening a corporate bank account: When you have successfully applied for an online business license and set up your business, you will be able to set up your corporate bank account. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Business License in Dubai, UAE

In order to get a business license in Dubai, you need to finalize the business activities, register a business name, select a location, then you need to make an application for a business license. You need to submit your essential documents to the relevant authorities and after approval, you can receive your license.

The very prominent license for company formation in Dubai are – commercial license, industrial license, and professional license. This takes around 7 days or more to obtain the license from the time you get your pre-approval. This is majorly based on the business activities and the additional documentation.

The cheapest business license in Dubai is given by Sharjah Media City. The license can be acquired for as little as AED 5, 750. Although, you can add more business activities to the business license for AED 1,000 per activity.

This can take anywhere between three days to some weeks to obtain a business license in the emirate. The time taken to obtain a business license is subject to your business activity, the approvals needed for your business from governmental and non-governmental officials, and more.

There are majorly four kinds of business licenses available in Dubai these comprise – commercial license, industrial license, professional license, and tourism license. To get a business license easily for your business, you can get in touch with the business formation consultants in Dubai who will assist you in the whole process.

The cost of a business license is basically based on the kinds of business activity you choose to run in the emirate. But the general cost of a business license begins from AED 12,000 to AED 15, 000.


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