How To Start A Tourism Business In Dubai ?
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How To Start A Tourism Business In Dubai
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In Dubai and other emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the travel and tourism industry is one of those evergreen business domains that rarely get affected. Travel and tourism is one of the renowned mediums of businesses in the UAE, which fosters many of the ambitious entrepreneurs to pursue a travel and tourism business setup in Dubai. Dubai is centered at the heart of the UAE; it ranks among one of the top-visited cities in the world. Be it business motives or a leisure experience Dubai is a perfect destination. If you are willing to know how to start a tourism business in Dubai, so here we mention a complete guide to start a tourism business in Dubai.

There are a lot of reasons that make Dubai perfect to incorporate a Travel and Tourism Business. Dubai is a globally recognized hotspot known for its landmark architectures, warm beaches, welcoming climate, and constantly evolving vacationing culture. This represents how lucrative the city’s travel and tourism industry is and how profitable it can be to open a travel agency in the Dubai. Dubai offers an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to set up a travel and tourism business.

To set up a travel and tourism business, you require to register your business with the Department of Economic Development (DED) and the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. There are several tourism licenses in Dubai, and it is vital to apply for the right type of tourism license. If you want to set up a travel and tourism business in Dubai and need guidance, then the business setup consultant in Dubai are at your disposal with information and services in order for you to have a successful start on the market.

Steps To Start A Tourism Business In Dubai

1. Get An Appropriate Business License

You to need an appropriate business license to start a new business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A genuine and appropriate license is required to run a tourism business is much required as even if you commit a mistake and do things illegally, the country does not take that well. To start your business in a legal way, it is vital to get an appropriate business license.

2. Team Up With Reputable Business Consultancy Firm

There are several business consultancy companies that assist entrepreneurs with business setup in Dubai. If you are starting a business in Dubai for the first time, then you should surely regard teaming up with a reputable business consultancy company because these companies have a sound knowledge of company formation and can guide you in the right way. For every business, consultation is a must because consultants help people to set up a business.

3. Doing The Necessary Is Important 

There are some necessary tasks that you require to do when you are setting up a business. The first thing you require to find an office space. Office space is much required because it is the place where all your employees would work from. Next, you require an up to date, modern, and functioning website where customers can view offers, book tickets, hotels, and avail of other services.

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Commercial Activities Undertake With A Tourism License

When you secure a tourism license in Dubai for setup business, you can-

  • Issue travel insurance
  • Sell tourism packages offline and online
  • Offer supporting services related to visa
  • Offer accommodation and stay choices
  • Sell flight, railway and bus ticket
  • Provide car rental services
  • Sell adventure tour packages

Types Of Tourism License In Dubai

In Dubai, the tourism license is classified into three categories, such as Inbound Tour Operator License, Outbound Tour Operator License, and Travel Agent License.

  1. Inbound Tour Operator License :- An Inbound tour operator license allows a company to manage inland travel, events, visa, and transportation requirements for the locals and overseas travelling to Dubai.
  1. Outbound Tour Operator License :- An Outbound tour operator license permits a company to sell travel and tourism packages outside of UAE through e-commerce, offline agents networks, and many more.
  1. Travel Agent License :- A travel agent’s License allows the company to act as a vendor for tickets and to book-related services on behalf of the agents. This comprises tickets for flight, trains, bus hotel and holiday booking, car rental services, and many more.

Documents Needed To Get A Tourism Business License In Dubai

When you have decided the type of tourism license you want to get for your travel and tourism license, then collect the following documents to get your tourism license smoothly:

  • Completed Tourism License Application form
  • Copies of valid passports of the applicants
  • Certification of work qualification/bonafide by the manager
  • Certificate of the good conduct of the owner/proof of clean criminal record
  • No Objection letter issued by Civil Aviation Authority
  • A detailed project report that highlights the economic and technical feasibility of the project

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