How to Get a Travel and tourism license in Dubai
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How to Get a Travel and tourism license in Dubai
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Dubai has placed itself among one of the most visited cities in the world. A valid travel and tourism license is required for the companies and establishments operating in the travel and tourism region of Dubai. Since Dubai is a thriving tourist destination, the requirement for travel and tourism license in Dubai is increasing every year. If you want to know how to get a travel and tourism license in Dubai then here we mention a complete guide for you.

Steps to Get a Travel and Tourism License in Dubai?

Once you have taken care of all the necessary documents, this step will take you through the brutality of the case. How to fill the form and submit the documents to get the license.

  • First, submit the name of the company to the department of economic development at the Tas’heel Center.
  • Obtain initial approval to form a company from the same department. The form can be filled at any typing center, after which you will have to get signatures from all the participants and submit the form in the DED.
  • After the initial approval, the department of economic development would submit the form for the site inspection. Fill the form with proper office details, attach the location map, and submit the final documents along with the DED. Officers would come for inspection before issuing the license.
  • Type the LLC agreement from a legal translator and get the notary public verified. If the agreement is in Arabic, the legal translator’s seal is not required.
  • Next, all partners or attorneys have to attend the notary to sign the agreement of the court.
  • Prepare the tenancy agreement.
  • Submit all the necessary documents, pay at the counter and get your tourism license in Dubai.

What Are the Types of Tourism License Available in Dubai?

The two types of travel and tourism license in Dubai are given below:

  • Tourism license for outbound tour operator : Such kind of license allows a company to conduct outbound trips. This visa is helpful for businesses working outside the country
  • Tourism license for inbound tour operator : This is a reverse kind of license of the above. This license allows the holders of the license to conduct inbound tourist trips for visitors. This license also allows the operator to organize global exhibitions and conferences.

Benefits of Travel and tourism license in Dubai

Tourism company licenses have always been in high demand in the UAE, especially in Dubai. The latest rules will have the following effect on Dubai’s tourism license:

  • An outbound and inbound tour operator at no additional charge or bank guarantee, and the benefit of being a travel agent under a license.
  • Reduces initial expenses of license setup.
  • It will help empower the company to work in the tourism industry both within and outside of the sector.
  • Can put on events and performances as well as plan global conferences.
  • With a travel agent license, the company can sell airline tickets as well as visit visas in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The company will offer, arrange planned tours, lodging, and offer transportation to customers since it has a travel agent and an inbound tourism license.
  • Dubai is known for its high quality of infrastructure and tourism attractions, always strived to be the best destination, and investors in a tourism license will always benefit from the rules and regulations of the government.

Documents Required

  • Application form
  • Copy of passport of applicant
  • Proof of professional and educational qualification of the manager
  • The manager and owner of the company should produce a certificate that endorses no criminal record.
  • NOC of Civil Aviation Authority

Cost of a Travel Agency License

The cost of a travel agency license in Dubai depends on the factors such as company size, business activities, number of owners, and more. As a general rule of thumb, in Dubai the cost of travel agency license is starts at AED 20, 000 for a single owner who is eligible for a visa. 

To promote and help investors seeking a travel and tourism license in Dubai, the department of tourism and commerce marketing, announced a new regulation in 2018, remove the need for a bank guarantee of AED 100,000 – AED 200,000 for each operation like outbound tour operator, and inbound tour operator.

Final Thoughts on Tourism Company License

Dubai is one of the major cities, best known for its travel and tourism business. The government invests and attempts to ensure that it remains the same. Considering the new regulations, and the ever-increasing efforts of the government to attract more tourism, it is safe to say that the tourism industry in Dubai is here to stay and grow, a new tourism for investors provides an exciting platform to start a Tourism business.

Start Any Business provides services of travel and tourism license in Dubai to help to establish tourism businesses in the country. We at Start Any Business assure you seamless tourism license services following all the essential steps for registration in travel and tourism. Outbound tour operators primarily assist people moving from the United Arab Emirates.

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