Registration And Licensing - Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone License

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    Registration And Licensing – Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone License

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    Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate and the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The city develops more than three-quarters of the region of the country of UAE, and is the second most packed Emirate in the federation, after Dubai. The Abu Dhabi Business Center was organized in March 2006 with a motive to persuade primary improvement in the Emirates Aviation sector. SkyCity, a Subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Airports Company is liable for producing the Abu Dhabi Airport Free zone, which is a whole business park in the region of Abu Dhabi International Airport. Here we mention all about the Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone License which we help you to know all about Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone.

    Abu Dhabi Airport Business city gives its clients the full spectrum of Free Zone services, comprising registration, licensing, rapid visa processing for employees, and leasing, and much other high-quality assistance within a one-stop ambiance. It gives a broad range of conveniences and infrastructure such as furnished amenities, warehousing units, commercial offices within a completely serviced business center, and a full range of necessary ancillary facilities to cater to everyday business requirements.

    How To Start A Business In Abu Dhabi Airport Free zone?

    The Abu Dhabi free trade zone provides a simple and efficient method to start a business for a local or an ex-pat. The period of processing and approving your business setup will depend from 2-3 weeks, according to the type of activity and the license required for the same.

    1. Initial Approval

    • For initial approval the following documents are needed:
    • Business plan
    • Completed application form (s) and the appointed manager for the new ADAFZ company
    • Copy of current trade license/ registration certificate (if you are a present company)
    • Two year’s audited financial reports for a corporate entity or a certificate of reference from a personal bank of the individual shareholder.

    2. Registration

    After getting the initial approval, register your business with the free zone officials. This comprises:

    • Submission of the completed application for registration
    • Power of attorney given to the Manager authenticated and attested
    • Memorandum and Articles of Associations (MAA), attested
    and authenticated
    • Board resolution appointing the Manager attested and authenticated
    • Manager’s passport size photo in a white background.

    3. Licensing And Visa Process

    The last step is to get a license and start the visa process. This includes:

    Business license issuance once the above has been completed
    • Signing the Lease agreement
    • Visa processing

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    Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone License Cost:

    The Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone License Cost differs depending upon the free zone, the number of visas, business structure, and office space.

    License available in ADAFZ

    Trading License:- The trading license permits the license holder to export, import, distribute, and stockpile as per the rules and regulations of Abu Dhabi airport free zone.

    Industrial License:- An industrial license holder is permitted to import certain product’s raw materials and export the end products to other countries.

    Services License:- A service license allows license holders to carry out activities specified in the obtained inside the free zone. The kind of services must be related to the license received by the parent’s company.

    Benefits Of Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

    Like any other free zone in the UAE, the Abu Dhabi airport free zone provides all the classic advantages offered by a free zone authority.

    1. 100% overseas ownership and tax exemption
    2. Present in closeness to the Abu Dhabi Airport which permits simple import and export plans
    3. No duty on customs
    4. 100% income and tax exemption
    5. Access to world-class amenities (like any other free zone) and 24/7 security services
    6. In-house Telecommunication and IT services
    7. Easy access to the regional market
    8. 100% repatriation of profits and capital

    There are many amenities provided by Abu Dhabi Airport Free zone with one-stop-shop offering services and products. Therefore, no reason arises for businesses not to choose for this free zone to set up their business.

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