Guide to Business Culture in UAE

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    Guide to Business Culture in UAE

    The very crucial thing to keep in mind is that business behavior in the UAE is all about honor. At the same time, the reactions towards business are also changing. For example, corporate social efficiency is becoming a growing concern. Here we brought a guide to business culture in UAE for you that will help you to understand the environment of Dubai or UAE. Additionally, the government is holding capacities to support women in the workplace and dampen corporate violations.

    Business is growing in the United Arab Emirates. In fact, as of 2017, there were 131,000 registered businesses in the country; several of which had overseas business people. The emirates also viewed the US $10.3 billion in FDI in 2018. Linked with the fact that greenfield investment increased by 15% between 2017 and 2918, this is clear that overseas businesses see large options here.

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    At the same time, the government is covering the process by opening up overseas investment opportunities. It involves raising constraints on overseas ownership and providing long-term visas for business people. If you making a strategy to benefit the nation, you would require to understand the company business culture in UAE.

    Business Culture in UAE 

    This is vital to keep in mind that the UAE is an Islamic country. For this reason, the business culture in UAE is more conventional than its occurrence in America or Europe. In addition, weekends are on Friday and Saturday, rather than Saturday and Sunday.

    Despite this, you would locate the business world in the United Arab Emirates as a mixture of two religions. Moreover, maximum Emiratis are forgetting to overseas business links because they realize that the west has a more relaxed attitude.

    Personal rapports are the main to business in the emirates, due to its, the culture of local business requirements that consider socializing and little talk, even in work meetings. So, reliability is given great importance.

    Working hours and Conditions 

    The UAE workday lasts eight hours, from 9 to 5 pm. In addition, the working weeks go from Sunday to Thursday. In contrast, in the blessed month of Ramadan, the people work only 6 hours a day. However, timekeeping is not superior, Emirates respects regularity. As a result, this is vital that you be on time for meetings and work.

    There is also a better working-life balance. For example, most of the workers receive 30 days of leave in a year along with public holidays. They can take sick leave of up to 90 days as well. Women also receive 45 days of motherhood leave on complete payment. They also get personal situations when they get back to work.

    Traditionally, the UAE doesn’t provide several flexible work arrangements. Although, things can change in a quick manner. In 2019, the government organized two new proposals that could encourage flexible work. Part-time work presentation is produced to assist workers to fill labor gaps, particularly at odd hours. Furthermore, the remote working purpose was built to assist Emirati citizens to achieve a greater work-life stability.

    Business Etiquette in the UAE 

    • Communication 

    Having the appropriate skills of communication is major to healthy business manners in UAE. Due to its more conventional culture, language is more conventional. For example, when you first meet people, you need to address them as Ms. or Mr., And while men can shake hands lightly when meeting with ladies. Moreover, you have to always approach the most adult person first, and work based on seniority.

    In business meetings, recognition is common. Since building rapport is a vital part of the culture, this is basic to praise your owners and their association. Thus, little talk and social interaction always start every meeting. For instance, talking about families, the nation, and local food, for instance, is a better method to go. Although, you need to avoid divisive matters like religion and politics.

    • Dress Code 

    Most of the local people wear traditional clothes in business conditions. It means for men a dishdasha and an abaya for ladies. While expatriates have not adopted the local dress, they need to wear a formal dress that is simple and not showing. Men have to select suits and dress shoes. During this, ladies need to pay full attention to their dress. 

    • Gifts 

    When meeting a probable customer for the first time, this is a good gesture to provide a token gift. Furthermore, this is always right to provide a gift when securing a deal. Presents are also suitable to mark major spiritual festivals, like Ramadan. If you can purchase it from foreign, all the better. Local people welcome getting gifts from various cultures.

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