Top 10 Dubai Tourism Places | Best places To Visit in Dubai

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    Top 10 Dubai Tourism Places

    Dubai is the top most visited destination on the globe and is renowned for its high-altitude architectural marvels and excellent collection of spas and resorts. For those who looking for visiting Dubai for vacations here, we present the top 10 Dubai tourism places that will surely delight you and make your vacation memorable. Dubai is the best holiday location that provides entertaining plans for the whole family. Let’s have a look at the top tourism location in Dubai.

    Here is the List of Top Dubai Tourism Places

    1. Dubai Miracle Garden 
    Dubai Miracle Garden

    I bet; even regular visitors can’t hide the tingling sensation in their feet while visiting the Miracle Garden which is the most visited tourist attraction. After all, it is the biggest flower garden that provides a visual treat to your eyes with almost 109 million flowers to see, where you can admire and perhaps smell the garden’s bubbly scent all day long. The Miracle Garden is undoubtedly is a very famous location to visit and is widely visited by lovers of nature.

    2. Bastakiya 


    Discover the different sides of Dubai by visiting Bastakiya which is recognized as Al Fahidi Historic District as well. This is located along the Al Fahidi and Dubai Creek and is a perfect destination for sightseeing in the Dubai neighborhood. Here, the location provides an interesting insight into Arab Culture. This is where you can explore the architectural wonder of old houses, wind towers, brown wooden doors, and a white mosque, making it a worthy location to visit. This historic location can also provide a strange feeling for Bastakiya culture lovers and a soothing balm to the otherwise trendy silhouette of the city.

    3. Deira Souk

    Deira Souk

    There are a lot of markets in the city of Dubai, but Deira is the perfect location that every tourist enjoys visiting. Conveniently situated near Dubai Creek, this is stated to have been founded during the 1830s, in fact when you come here, you can still see the old style of architecture and wooden arches in the market. But the best part and the sole purpose of your whole visit here is probable to see the different types of gold displayed on the shop windows and even good buy them with constants, you just want that own them all. Apart from gold, locals, and tourists come and take away varieties of other spices such as saffron, cumin, rose water, frankincense, and incense from the separate market adjacent to the gold market.

    4. Dubai Aquarium 

    Dubai Aquarium

    If you’ve seen enough of Dubai attractions, you can go to the Dubai Mall, a shopping center, and see the various marine species at the aquarium located inside it. This tourist attraction is believed to be the biggest aquarium on the globe and houses about 140 types of aquatic species. You may notice something when you are toddlers the 48-meter-long walk-through tunnel. Although to get a better experience, why not be a little adventurous and choose cage snorkeling and shark diving activities, this will be a memorable experience of a lifetime. Other activities that may be suitable for leisure travelers or adults are glass-bottom boat tours.

    5. Global Village 

     Global Village

    One of the very famous tourist locations in Dubai, Global Village is an amazing location to stay with family and friends. As the night falls, the whole village is lit up with colorful and ornamental bulbs which create an enthralling atmosphere. Which various pavilion, each providing cultural attractions from different nations, this location is definitely a must visit.

    6. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

    Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

    Even if you come purely for the city tour, a short city break is much needed as there are few natural tourist places in Dubai that you have to visit. One such spectacular location, a famous wildlife spot where you can see indigenous kinds of animals, is the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Species such as sand gazelles, mountain gazelles, and Arabian oryx are offered to the tourists in this sanctuary.

    7. Alserkal Art District 

     Alserkal Art District

    The other best location to visit in Dubai for art lovers and connoisseurs, Alserkal Art District is becoming a famous center. Make a plan for a trip here and visit the many contemporary art galleries that, while certain are small start-ups, some are established in a good manner. The district plays such a platform for new talents and assists to highlight beautiful artworks.

    8. Dubai Opera 

    Dubai Opera

    This is the location worth visiting for musical entertainment where you can see museums for their opera events, comedy nights, ballet, concerts, and more. Dubai Opera is a stunning architectural beauty that can accommodate up to 2000 cultural lovers. Visit any time of the year, and watch different plays performed in the various musical theater here. There is also a rooftop restaurant serving a wide variety of cuisines.

    9. Bur Dubai Grand Mosque 

     Bur Dubai Grand Mosque

    This architectural marvel belongs to the eighth largest mosque across the globe and the largest in the UAE, this was here that the first ceremony of the memorial service of farmer UAE President Sheikh Zayed was held. This is unlikely that the tourists will not like this location, even from afar this iconic treasure of Dubai glows in the dazzling royal blue light of the night. And this is potentially the most photographed tourist attraction across the globe.

    10. Dubai Museum 

    Dubai Museum

    The oldest framework in Dubai, Al Fahidi Fort is potentially one of the well-known landmarks in Dubai and is conveniently situated inside the Dubai Museum complex if you are a history buff. Here you can learn regarding the Dubai evaluation from a small deserted fishing town to become the kingdoms of the future. Inside, there are artifacts and images of the importance of the sea prior to the discovery of Bedouin life and oil. Several archaeological findings are also on display at the Dubai Museum.

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