How to Setup a Courier Company in Dubai?

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    How to Setup a Courier Company in Dubai?

    Dubai’s economy is constantly exhibiting steady growth and a balance of various industries. A courier service business is the leading building in Dubai. This is best and necessary as everybody likes to have the products delivered to home fast and safely. That’s why lots of people want to know how to set up a courier company in Dubai, as the people of Dubai are busy enthusiasts, they always prefer a courier service to help them reach their products. Hence, here we mentioned a little guide about starting a courier service business in Dubai.

    A courier company assists us to deliver goods, mail, and messages. This is utilized worldwide for its security, speed, tracking service, and its outstanding expertise. This offers a faster and more protected alternative to the traditional postal delivery service, that was the only choice for so long.

    To be able to order multiple and large items from online sellers, people require special delivery services. These services will permit clients to get their products and make capable online sellers provide services such as delivery on the next day. Hence, they can be just completed with the assistance of a courier service.

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    Step-by-Step Guide to Setup a Courier Company in Dubai

    • You should have a business license and business registration in Dubai to begin working efficiently in Dubai without any kind of hassle.
    • The company owner needs to make sure that they have a commercial license in Dubai and business activity registration from the relevant authority.
    • This takes approximately 20 working days for Emirates post group to issue the license to your company.
    • To proceed: also, you need to make sure that you have all the concerned documents. After that, you need to visit the Emirates Post group and fill out the application form online.
    • Another benefit of beginning the courier companies in Dubai is that the owner of the company can be of any nationality.
    • You do not need to go through the traditional methods to gain access to the business license.
    • You can apply online for a permit through the Emirates Post group portal.

    Types of Courier Service in Dubai

    You can start a business in Dubai for courier services in different sectors. This would be good for you in case you apply for many kinds of courier services instead of one. This helps you in making more profit.

    • First of all, you can begin the service of a courier such as same-day local and comprehensive delivery in Dubai.
    • Then you may also try to do next-day delivery type courier service.
    • One of the necessary kinds of courier services is international delivery for a worldwide courier network.
    • After that, you can do night deliveries and weekend deliveries.
    • Another kind of courier service is heavy parcel and pallet service.
    • You may also try to deliver special items such as pianos, motorcycles, pets, medical products, and antiques.

    Documents Required for Courier Company in Dubai

    There are many vital documents that you must not miss while you making a plan to begin a courier company in Dubai. The necessary documents are mentioned below:

    • First of all, you require photocopies of the passport of the company owner and the respective stakeholders.
    • You require a local family book document
    • You need to have a photocopy of the initial approval
    • You have to present a photocopy of the lease agreement
    • You need to submit a copy of the established form
    • Do not forget to submit your commercial license
    • A trading register certificate requires to be submitted

    Who Are Your Potential Customers in Dubai

    When you start courier companies in Dubai, you have to understand and work on the business as per your clients. the probable customers’ list for a courier company is:

    1. Online Shopping Stores

    All courier services in Dubai are linked to online stores. People conducting online shops utilize these courier services and like to act with local delivery services to serve goods to clients faster.

    2. Café and Restaurants

    In addition, the owner of the café and restaurant utilizes courier services to deliver food products to the clients. Third-party delivery services assist them with delivering the products as well.

    3. Flower Shop Owners

    Flower shop owners are probable clients for courier companies in Dubai. The company owners of such shops require a trusted company to offer them quick courier services to deliver fresh flowers. We have several online stores that provide free flowers to clients, and they utilize such prompt services to stay honest with the clients.

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