What Are The Activities Covered In Freelance Visa In UAE?

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    What Are The Activities Covered In Freelance Visa In UAE?

    The UAE government has become a sponsor for freelancing, making it legal was a vital step to encourage more people and businesses to participate, making it easier and more acceptable to freelance, as well as grant part-time visas which permit people to work. Some people who want to do work here, want to know what are the activities covered in Freelance visa in UAE. That is why here we mentioned all the essential things that will help you to understand the matters related to a freelance visa.

    Given the popularity and prospects of Dubai, as a place with excellent opportunities for business development, ambitious and active foreigners often come to the conclusion that they should consider obtaining a license, a freelance visa, and living and working there. To do this, you must go to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    How to Get a Freelance Visa in UAE

    Once you have got your freelance permit, you will also get access to TECOM’s business service platform, launched in partnership with Dubai Development Authority (DDA), which permits you to get a number of government or corporate services. Through this platform, you can first apply for the establishment card, which will bear an additional cost. After you have got your establishment card, then you can apply for a freelance visa under the DDA (Dubai Development Authority), which is valid for three years.

    Here is a little process to get a freelance visa in Dubai, UAE:

    • Choose the type of freelance activity you require a license for.
    • Apply to the free zone from where you require a license.
    • Submit necessary documents including passport copy, qualification certificate, reference letter, and more for interim approval.
    • A customer confirmation letter is received from the free zone in case of approval.
    • Submit documents and confirmation letter for final approval
    • The charge involved – freelance permit fee and other charges
    • Sign free zone sponsorship for freelance visa and permit collection.

    What Are the Activities Included in Freelance Visa in UAE

    • Technology : Mobile, web, software development, and architecture, telecommunication and networking, data science and analytics, and customer service.
    • Education : Education advisor, executive coaching, e-learning advisor, researcher, trainer.
    • Media : Photographer, animator, actor, audio/sound engineer, artist, brand consultant, content provider, cameraman, commentators, copywriter, choreographer, composer, editor, event planner, critics, creative director, graphic designer, illustrator, journalist, furniture designer, marketing specialist, media, media planner, lighting specialist, market analyst, PR specialist and more.

    What Are the Benefits of Having a Freelance Visa in UAE

    There are many benefits of having a freelance visa in UAE. first of all, it permits you the flexibility to work for many companies. If you making a plan to work in any of the sectors mentioned above and do not want a 9 to 5 job, becoming a freelancer in UAE could be your best career move.

    In addition, the affordability of having a freelance visa in UAE means you can offer your services at much lower prices. With the go freelance package, the setup costs are very low and no requirement of office space, permitting more freelancers to enter the market.

    Having a freelance visa in UAE also permits you to work as an independent contractor for companies in the United Arab Emirates and permits you access to the free zone’s business center, as well.

    With the freelance visa in Dubai, UAE, you can also sponsor family members to come and live with you an apartment or villa for rent in Dubai. Although, keep in mind that you can’t sponsor employees with your freelance permit and visa.

    Documents Required for Freelance Visa in UAE

    Some of the documents required to apply for the freelance visa in UAE include:

    • Resume / CV
    • Recent Photograph
    • Passport and visa copy (valid for at least 8 months)
    • Bank reference letter
    • NOC from your UAE sponsor

    If you are applying for the education sector, you will need to submit proof of academic qualifications, which have to be certified either by the Ministry of Foreign affairs or the UAE consulate in your country of origin. And if you are applying in the media sector, you will need to submit a portfolio or sample of your work.

    If you are looking for a freelance visa in Dubai, UAE, then we at Start Any Business (SAB) here for you to provide a wide range of services. You can contact us for business setup and related services as well. We would like to assist you.

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