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How to Start a Food Truck Business in Dubai

The food business is profitable in Dubai. The requirement for a food truck is business is increasing due to the large population of expats and growth of tourism in Dubai per year. If you are looking for ways that how to start a food truck business in Dubai, then the best business consultancy services in Dubai will help you to start your own food business in Dubai.

Choose The Right Commercial Vehicle

The first step you need to start a food truck business in Dubai is to select the right commercial vehicle or truck. Depending on the menu selected, you required a commercial vehicle that is at least 18 ft long.

To save cost at the beginning, you can select a used truck that will be cheaper compared to the new one. If you select an older vehicle, this can be designed and modified need basis with an extra cost from different bodybuilder shops.

Select The Right Location For Your Food Truck

The next thing is you need to choose a location that does not have much the same food salesman, allures large-scale footfalls, and doesn’t disrupt violate zoning rules and traffic. You can park in an open field so that passengers do not have any kinds of trouble.

Kitchen Equipment And Raw Materials Required For Food Truck

Kitchen Equipment And Raw Materials Required For Food Truck

While starting a food truck business in Dubai requires various kitchen equipment such as a freezer, a microwave, juicer, steamer, griller, working tables, a burner, exhaust equipment, and a generator. This is recommended to buy new equipment because it comes with a 1-year warranty and you will get rid of the equipment’s daily maintenance. In addition to kitchen appliances, you need to purchase raw materials for the first week.

Obtaining License And Permits

Dubai has set strict standards for operating the food truck business in Dubai. Receiving a license food truck in Dubai is can be a complicated procedure, but it is essential to get these licenses to prevent legal hiccups. You need to must first obtain approval from Dubai Municipality, the department of economic development, and Dubai electricity and water authority.

It is necessary, you need to submit the detailed business scheme to the Dubai Municipality and the department of economic development as both bodies should approve the business scheme. Licensing rules are strict in Dubai, but it is possible to obtain a food truck license as in 30 days period.

Staff Required For Food Truck

Staff Required For Food Truck

You can start a food truck business in Dubai with two chefs and one assistant. If you want to establish a delivery model for your food truck, then you can hire delivery boys as much your required.

Marketing Your Food Truck Business

Unlike the format of traditional restaurants in Dubai, the food truck business requires less menu pamphlet because the primary business is depending on the footfall instead of delivery. Nevertheless, to make the beginning buzz, you need to go for a blend of external advertising and social media.

Marketing your food truck on social medial will help you to keep your followers and customers informed regarding the location of your food truck in real-time, allure referrals, and make brand connect. It can be used to promote food truck to existing followers and provide discounts.

In addition, you should take care of various cultural programs like food truck festivals or community celebrations in your local place. Providing free gifts such as mugs and t-shirts carrying the logo of the food truck can set a long way in the spread and expansion of the food truck business in Dubai.

How We Help You

The process to start a food truck business in Dubai is a challenging task it demands approval from different authorities in Dubai. But with the help of the Start Any Business consultancy service in Dubai, obtaining the approval process becomes easy and trouble-free.

Start Any Business is a leading business setup consultancy in Dubai. It has helped many customers to establish the business in Dubai. We have years of experience; our qualified professionals assist our customers with the right guidance and give them the best solution for the right decision. Our professional will help you according to your requirements and help to make your business successful with profit pursuits.

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