How To Avoid Illegal Freelance Visas In The UAE?

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    How To Avoid Illegal Freelance Visas In The UAE?

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    Freelance Visa a type of residence permit in the UAE. It offers you the right to live and work in the country and get resident permits for your family members. If you want to know how to avoid illegal freelance visas in the UAE, then here is all about the freelance visas in the UAE. Freelancing as a self-employed person is permitted in several free zones to work as a stand-alone self-employed specialist. You will require a relevant license in Dubai, as well as in the case of registering a company in one of the free zones.

    The environment of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is changing. Most people are leaning towards working as a freelancer, thanks to policy changes initiated by the government to make freelance work visas more accessible and reasonable for everyone. Freelancing is an attractive career opportunity that is becoming more renowned in Dubai. Quoting a report from algorithm research, Dubai remains the focal point, hosting more than 65% of freelancers in the region.

    The most relevant visa for a freelancer in the UAE is commonly known as the entrepreneur visa. This is a moderately new introduction to the Emirates, working out approximately five years ago. Whereas previously, business people new to the country would have to show evidence of on-going business or an offer of employment to apply for a UAE visa. Thanks to the businessperson visa, this is no extended case. Now, freelancers can apply for the visa while outside of the UAE and, once approved, they can come to the country and actively look for work to establish a client base.

    Freelancing provides a wide variety of benefits, comprising having better work flexibility, the freedom to explore as many income possibilities as you can and the right to opt for the projects you wish to work on. With these benefits, it is easy to see why several UAE professionals are choosing to work as freelancers. But to work as a freelancer in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you require a residence visa and a freelancer license.

    There are several visa solutions providers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Though the government has been strict and vigilant in managing the sector, some provide illegal freelance visas solutions. Here you will find information related to visa shop scams and how you can protect yourself from illegal freelance visas in the UAE.

    How To Protect Yourself From Illegal Freelance Visas In The UAE?

    You might have seen online advertisements from some companies providing a freelance visa or chances to make easy money without leaving your home. These companies promote easy freelance visa packages on company websites, social media platforms, and other places where most aspiring freelancers look for possibilities.

    By watching out for these warning signs, be cautious when considering freelancing chances online or offline. Avoid becoming a victim of freelancer scams.

    1. Visa shops promoting work or permanent residency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in exchange for a payment. This is not legal.
    2. Visa operators that offer improper advice and motivate you to lie, omit, or fabricate your application information.
    3. Visa providers that run multi-level marketing schemes need you to buy and sell their products to promise that you will earn money fast and easy.
    4. Online freelancer platforms that try to gain access to your personal accounts, like email or social media accounts, use your personal information to access your bank accounts and steal your money.
    5. Scammers that might trick you into sharing your freelancing account details with the promise of earning extra income, however, use it for other motives, like getting information about your customers and projects.

    Apart from being cautious, you can take other proactive steps to protect yourself when looking for freelance possibilities and ensure you do not get the short end of the stick in any project or agreement.

    1. Any contractual agreement between the freelancer and the company requires valid information, business details and terms that satisfy both parties when contributing to their details.
    2. Business contracts can be tricky, particularly when you are working as a freelancer. Be meticulous with every project agreement and transaction and make sure all details are clear, particularly payment terms.
    3. While confronted with a scammer, cut off the contract and report the scam to the State Audit Institution.

    Freelancer licenses are available at the reasonable process, allowing you to work across a wide array of business activities. The cost of a freelance package visa or license depends on the free zone where you will register.

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    Obtaining A Freelancer Visa In Dubai

    To get a freelancer visa, you require to submit the following documents:

    1. Updates application form
    2. Passport copy
    3. Updated curriculum vitae (CV)
    4. Passport-size photo
    5. Academic certificate attested by the UAE Consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    6. Work proposal or a letter of intent (detailing your personal/professional background and work experience)
    7. Two professional references (with contact details)
    8. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your sponsor (if needed)

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