Covid-19 Travel Ban: Stranded Indian Expats Travel to UAE

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    Covid-19 Travel Ban: Stranded Indian Expats Travel via Armenia, Uzbekistan to Return to UAE

    Many stranded Indian expatriates travel to countries like Uzbekistan and Armenia to return to UAE because of the Covid crisis following entry restrictions from India to quarantine and return to their homes and jobs in the United Arab Emirates. If you want return back to UAE then here a biggest news for you as due to COVID-19 travel ban Stranded Indian expats travel via Armenia, Uzbekistan to return to UAE.

    Travel agents had confirmed that the Indian expatriates from the United Arab Emirates are selecting to spend fourteen days in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, and fly to UAE. It is a more practicable option than private jets because agencies launched packages from DH6,000 per passenger including hotel stays, foods, flights, and PCR test in Yerevan.

    The entry of passengers from India is prohibited in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Although, travelers get a discount if they have been quarantined for 14 days in a third country. Earlier, several stranded passengers had returned to the United Arab Emirates via neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Shri Lanka, Nepal. How to be, after the ban announcement on travelers from such countries by the UAE, Indian Expatriates are considering new options.

    First flight on May 22nd general manager RaheesBabu said, that several risks traveling to Yerevan, certain still raising vast sums to travel on private jets.

    “Although, Indian migrants trying to arrive via Armenia undergo a fourteen-day quarantine. But in case the United Arab Emirates imposes a travel ban on Armenia like Nepal, and certain other countries, this will be risky. So many people are ready to make payment double or triple the amount for charter flights, stated RaheesBabu.”

    The first flight of the agency from Indian to Armenia would be from Mumbai to Yerevan on 22 May. Travelers are expected to arrive in Dubai on 6 June, along with Indian food as well as PCR test in Armenia, “stated RaheesBabu.

    “It is the first deal that we broke. However, the next deal may be increased by 5 to 10 percent. It is difficult to get a full flight of travelers so certain other travel agents are acting together by gathering resources. We have also a flight from Kochi which operates a similar week. We would operate from Kochi and Mumbai. People from north India may reach Mumbai, and passengers from the south may board Kochi.”

    “At the moment we are looking only at Armenia as we can receive a visa within 4 to 5 working days. We are exploring other countries of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). The only challenge will be if any new travel advice comes from the UAE, said Babu.”

    Pluto travels is considering also the same package. The agency’s managing partner Bharat Aidasani said, “We are trying to do the arrangement of a charter flight for passengers stranded in India. You would travel to Armenia and go through a fourteen-day quarantine. After this, you can travel to Dubai. We can’t do this with individual travelers. So, we try to work with some travel partners.”

    “This is going to be a big aircraft – charter with 180 to 200 travelers. We may not do smaller ones because the cost is too high. The cost is the biggest challenge. The cost of a smaller charter is between 20,000 and 25,000 Dh. This is good for leaders, but not for the working class. You need to look for alternatives to travel to another country, return and quarantine to the UAE,” Aidasani stated.

    The agency tries to arrange a package which includes flight, transfer, hotel, and a PCR test. The amount will be around Dh 7,500. “We have not yet officially started it. Although, we are doing work on a soft launch and this is receiving a good response because there a lot of people are coming back and wish to get back to the job,” he said.

    Raja Mir Wasim, MICE and holiday, manager, international travel services, stated: “Indian expats are considering options to travel to another country where the UAE hasn’t closed its borders, quarantined for fourteen days and then gone to the UAE are coming.”

    “We had not yet brought a package to Armenia, Because of Nepal opened last month. We had lots of clients traveling, But Nepal was announcing a lockdown, and many of those who were quarantined were stranded there. No one can guarantee which country would close their borders or declare a lockdown,” stated Wasim.

    Also, several states in India would be blocked. “West Bengal was closed till 30 May. Therefore, there must be clarity to make packages. In addition, many of our suppliers or partners are not working as the business has stalled,” he said.

    Certain stranded Indian residents told Khaleej Times they are outing their travel to these countries at risk because they may lose their jobs if they do not return to the United Arab Emirates soon. Aviation professional Asif Abbas stated: “there is no option to work from home in my job profile. I want to go back to Dubai as soon as possible.”

    Tours and travel companies in UAE offering alternate route to UAE

    • Musafir tours and travel company help the travelers to return to UAE. They arrange a flight for travelers from India to Armenia will be from Mumbai to Yerevan. They provide a package which includes, flight, hotel, food, and also PCR test, is only around Dh6,000 to Dh7,000.
    • Pluto tours and travel company also consider to offer exact package. They will continue to operate flights for stranded people from India to Armenia. The passenger will travel to Armenia and go through the 14-day quarantine.

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