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    How to Start a Hospitality Business in Dubai

    Dubai is the center for all types of businesses. This gives a strategic spot, outstanding infrastructure, and an attractive business climate that allures several businessmen throughout the world. The hospitality industry has a prime part when it comes to invention. This sector is ripe for acquisition and beginning a hospitality business in Dubai. Prior to you begin making a plan to form a hospitality business, we advise you to undertake this blog.

    The Process to Start a Hospitality Business in Dubai

    Prior to jumping into the procedure to begin a hospitality business in Dubai, we wish to get vital information about your focus. However, all kinds of businesses in this emirate have the same legal and judicial needs, they are distinct in the hotel business. Usually, you require a business license to run a business in this emirate, although, in order to begin a hospitality business, you require a tourism license. Follow the below-mentioned moves –

    1. Choose the Right Location

    In order to begin a hospitality business, you should opt for the right spot for your hotel. Ensure to run some analysis regarding localities and the people around. You can select to form a hotel in the free zone and on the mainland of this emirate. You can communicate with seasoned business setup consultants at Start Any Business (SAB) to assist you to choose the right spot for your hotel.

    1. Hire a Manager

    For a hotel business formation in this emirate, you have to hire a manager. This is compulsory for the manager to have the concerning qualifications and sanctioned certifications. Then only you can hire the contender as the manager for your hotel.

    Whoever you select to be your hotel manager, they should be able. This is vital that they master their creation because they would play a major part in making decisions regarding the needs of the hotel sector. From maintaining cleanliness and hygiene to checking the food and employee quality of services, everything would be handled by them. So, ensure you hire the most suitable according to your requirements.

    1. Obtain Initial Approval

    You should keep all the essential documents prepared to get pre-approval from the Economic Department of the Dubai Emirate. You have to maintain so many documents for getting a pre-approval. Once you have prepared all the crucial and legal documents then submit them to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. Then receive your sanctioned certificate from the Dubai general police headquarters.

    Steps to Get a License for Hospitality Business in Dubai

    As specified above, in order to begin a hospitality business in Dubai, you have to obtain a tourism license. To acquire this license the list of needs is –

    1. Submit the cost slip of the pre-approval
    2. Present the certificate of business name and concerned payment slips.
    3. You would require a No Objection Certificate in terms of a global cluster or chain of hotels.
    4. Register on the EJARI forum and obtain your tenancy agreement and your remarkable EJARI number.
    5. Obtain a tenancy agreement sanctioned by the landlord for a minimum of 90 days.
    6. Obtain consent from Dubai Municipality and other legal agencies for sanitation, public health, waste management, and more.

    The Rules and Regulations to Start a Hospitality Business in Dubai

    1. You need a bank guarantee from the grant of a hotel business license in this emirate.
    2. An average hotel room size is 30 square meters.
    3. You should safely store the data of each guest.
    4. The packages and costs you give should be clearly demonstrated.
    5. The manager of your hotel should require a good run certificate.

    The Architectural Requirements for a Hospitability Business in Dubai

    In order to start a hospitability business in Dubai, you need to follow the requirements –

    1. The kitchen of your hotel should have a spot of around 300 to 380 square feet.
    2. Ensure that there’s a better ventilation feature and that the chimney is up to two meters high than the closest buildings.
    3. All the floors, walls, and roofs must be washable, non-absorbent, and properly fireproof.
    4. You should give a washbasin for dishwashing, and a separate basin for cleaning the fruits, vegetables, and other food products. The basin for non-veg must be separate.
    5. Having a storage feature for all kinds of food products is compulsory.
    6. Ensure the drainage pipe is at a distance of around two inches from the walls.

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