How to Setup an Interior Design Company in Dubai
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How to Setup an Interior Design Company in Dubai

Dubai is one of the modernized cities of interior design and architecture that allures interior designers to demonstrate their skills in its market by establishes a business in Dubai. So, if you are interested and want to know how to setup an interior design company in Dubai. Then, here we brought a quite few things that will help you to understand the entire process and key factors of setting up a company in Dubai. The interior design business establishment is becoming a huge need of an international market. Dubai is the most demanding and popular market when it comes to architecture or interiors.

The interior design company in Dubai belongs to the premier class. Therefore, several high-profile customers also favor getting their projects made by interior designing agencies of Dubai. Moreover, this is a rapidly growing sector and foresight only forecasts higher excess in the coming years.

The Process to Start an Interior Design Company in Dubai

The procedure to begin an interior design company is simple and time-efficient. Here are the steps to set up an interior design company in Dubai:

1. Trade Name Reservation

Prepare a list of two to fours names for your interior design company in Dubai. After that, you need to submit those names to the relevant authority and then wait for getting approval. Do not break any of the naming organization guidelines when assembling the names list. Trading names that are derogatory, offensive, insulting, attack sentiments or religious, are stringently restrained. Hence, utilize the complete name of the person and do not use any nicknames if you wish the company to be recognized by that name.

2. Finalize the Company Structure and Location

If you wish to take pleasure in 100% ownership of the company or want to be the single owner of your business. then, you need to establish your interior design company in one of the free zones in Dubai. The Dubai Design District is the leading free zone that offers plentiful possibilities for interior designing champions. Furthermore, you may go for Dubai Studio City free zone based on your business needs. If you looking for a place in the heart of the city with a nearby entrance to the local market, you should favor a mainland setup. Here you will require to get a local sponsor and obtain the trade license from the Department of Economic Development.

3. Rent an Office Space

Once you are assured of where you wish to start your interior design company, this is time to renting a physical office space. You will require to get the tenancy agreement from the holder and the same will be used throughout the license approval procedure. Hence, rent a physical office space in Dubai is profitable as it protects you from heavy costs and you can simply move from one spot to another.

4. Obtain the Business License

Whether it is the interior design company in Dubai or other legal organizations, all require a valid license to operate the business in Dubai or UAE. You require to take care of the essential documents, make payment of all the charges in a timely manner, submit the necessary details, etc. To get the business license for your interior design company in Dubai. You can cooperate with the business setup consultants who will help you to obtain this license in a possible short time and at very low costs.

5. Get Additional Approvals

The professional status of interior designing includes different activities of business. They involve interior architecture, conceptualization, space planning, and more. This can be also an interior designing maintenance office or a consultancy company. In case any activities of your business involve tasks not specified under the permit of the license, you require to get extra approvals from the administrative officials. These approvals make sure the hazard-free operating of your interior design company in Dubai.

6. Manage Visas

If you are coming to Dubai with your family to start your business here and you will appoint employees to do daily office tasks for you. You need to apply for many visas for your employees, family, and partners. You need to comply with the specified rules for visa issuance and then apply as per the relevant jurisdiction.

7. Open a Corporate Bank Account

After completion of all the necessary steps and received the interior business license, then finally you need to open a corporate bank account to handle your company’s transactions. You need to spend a little time researching the different banks in Dubai to experience their services shortcomings. Select the one that bends with your business requirements. You are all set to operate your interior design company in Dubai and produce a name for your company or brand in the competitive marketplace of the UAE.

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