How To Get Cafeteria License In Dubai UAE

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    How To Get Cafeteria License In Dubai UAE

    There is no doubt, that Dubai has one of the rapidly developing economies in the Middle East. The investors from all over the world seek for opportunities to coming to the market of Dubai. Especially Restaurant sector has witnessed tremendous development in past few years. So, if you are planning to open a cafeteria then you required to obtain a cafeteria license in Dubai UAE for operate your business. Here we mentioned a complete guide to obtain a license. This guide will surely help you to understand the right process and make it easy for you to run an obstacle-free successful business.

    What is a Cafeteria License in Dubai UAE

    The cafeteria license in Dubai (UAE) authorizes your business to establish and conduct a cafeteria in Dubai (UAE). A cafeteria license is also known as a food license and is mandatory for establishing a small restaurant, cafeteria, or food trucks in Dubai or UAE. Acquiring a professional license from the Department of Economic Development is a prerequisite for a cafeteria license.

    Category of Cafeteria License

    Name of the License – Cafeteria License

    Activity Code – 500046

    Activity Group – Restaurant and Café

    License Type – Professional License

    Activities Permitted – Selling tea, snacks, coffee, juices, or Prepared fresh foods such as brownies, pasta, pastries, noodles, cakes, sandwiches, hotdogs, and more items that are prepared immediately as well as selling pre-packed items such as chocolates, biscuits, candy, soft drinks, chips, etc.

    The Process to Obtain a Cafeteria License in Dubai UAE

    You would be getting a cafeteria license in Dubai UAE from the Food and Safety Department, and a business license from the Commerce Marketing, and Department of Tourism in Dubai. Obtaining a license is an important procedure; skipping essential steps leave your business exposed to legal penalties and closing.

    Here are the steps to obtain a cafeteria license in Dubai UAE.

    • Choose a local sponsor that would work as a partner in your company or business.
    • Receive approval on the construction plans which need to be complete bearing in mind the compliances that are stipulated by the Food and Safety Department.
    • Choose a convenient location and sign a tenancy agreement with the landlord in case you want to rent a space for your cafeteria.
    • Sign a contract with your local partner in the notary public court.
    • Present all the necessary documents to the DED (Department of Economic Development).
    • Appeal for a NOC (No Objection Certificate) on food product setup and a business license from the Food Safety Department.
    • Once you receive the approval from the Department of Economic Development and from Dubai Municipality, you will receive your license within seven days.
    • Once you get your cafeteria license in Dubai UAE, then you can register this license with the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Labor to apply for the visas for staff that is needed to manage and operate your cafeteria.

    Approval Requirements for Cafeteria License in Dubai UAE

    • The space for food storage or processing
    • The sanitary spaces like restrooms
    • The ventilation and window system is a must
    • The place for utensils and equipment that are used for food preparation
    • The exit and entry passages
    • The place for dishwashing machines

    Documents Required for Getting a Cafeteria License in Dubai UAE

    The necessary documents required for cafeteria license in Dubai UAE are given below:

    • The first approval issued from the Food and Safety Department
    • The Layout of the premises
    • Approval letter from the Department of Planning, in case the cafeteria is situated outside a shopping center.
    • An application for the license that is signed by the managers of the company or legal representatives.
    • A Draft of Memorandum of Association
    • Verified approval letter of company name from the Department of Economic Development
    • Passport copy of managing partners

    A cafeteria is a very challenging venture because of competition from chains coming in from across the globe and the competitive nature of the Dubai market. However, with the right planning and thoroughgoing accomplishment, starting and operating a cafeteria in Dubai or UAE can be a very attractive business. There are lots of investors seeming to invest in this area. Therefore, if you are interested in starting a cafeteria business, this is the right time.

    For any kind of help to set up a cafeteria like a license, documentation, or approvals in Dubai, you can contact Start Any Business. We would be glad to assist you.

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