How to Get a Food delivery service license in Dubai 2024

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    How To Get A Food Delivery Service License in Dubai 2024

    The food industry in the UAE is massive, and it is only projected to expand. As per the current estimates, the industry is worth about AED142 billion, with growth expected to reach AED 145 billion by the end of 2024. Year after year, a growing number of restaurants and fast-food franchises benefit from serving food in the house. If you want a food delivery service license in Dubai then here is complete guide for you.

    One of the best things about this type of business is that food cannot go out of fashion or fluctuate in demand. The demand for food is always there, and take-outs are increasing due to a large number of students and people living alone, most of these youngsters do not want to cook for themselves and hence order. As a result, the demand for clean, healthy, and tasty food is increasing. Therefore, if you are a person who enjoys cooking, then starting an online food delivery business in Dubai is an excellent option. To conduct your business required a delivery service license in Dubai.

    How To Apply Food Delivery Service License In Dubai

    How To Get A Food Delivery Service License in Dubai

    Once you become a licensed caterer, it is up to you how you sell and distribute your food. If you have applied for the appropriate license, you can run a takeaway, or food stall, or run a food delivery service. You can do this directly to the Dubai Department of Economic Development for getting a food delivery service license in Dubai.

    Starting a food delivery business in Dubai is easy with the Start Any Business. We help you to launch and expand your food delivery service business with the delivery service license in Dubai, UAE. There are two jurisdictions you can select to run your business – mainland and free zone. Both provide different advantages depending on business type and activity.

    After selecting the right jurisdictions, we will guide you to set a legal framework and trade name for your food delivery business in Dubai. Then the paperwork for obtaining the license can be stated. We can help you to get your food delivery service license in Dubai without any delay and rejection from the government authorities.

    How Much Does A Food Delivery Service License Cost?

    The food delivery service license cost in Dubai can differ depending on different aspects of your delivery service business. The approximate license cost will be AED 6,000 to AED 7,000 excluding the sponsorship and other costs.

    Guidelines Of Delivery Services License In Dubai

    If a restaurant can generate a business 100 to 350 orders a day through online platforms, then the following is likely happen,

    • It can negotiate a commission rate of 15-18 percent of the transaction value
    • The online platform also has an incentive to actively promote outlets on their sites
    • It can also run top-of-the-line campaigns featuring the F&B brand.
    • The platform monitors the performance of the restaurant with weekly management information system reports and performance metrics to increase the customer experience.
    • It can provide free delivery business and free commission weeks to further promote the restaurant.
    • But if the order volume of the restaurant is low, the operator will have to pay 25-30 percent as commission to the online service provider.

    Documents Required For Food Delivery Service License In Dubai

    How To Get A Food Delivery Service License in Dubai

    To apply for a food delivery service license in Dubai, you will have to provide a few details and some basic documents that are:

    • Completed application form
    • Passport copies of the proposed owner 
    • Two-color passport size photos

    How We Can Help You To Get Your Food Delivery Service License in Dubai

    Start Any Business is one of the leading business setup consultants in Dubai that help their clients in setting up a business, incorporation, and consulting services in Dubai. We have a team of qualified professionals who will help you through, banking, visa, and licensing formalities as per the UAE laws. 

    We will also help you during the process of obtaining a food delivery service license in Dubai on your behalf without any hidden cost. We manage your documentation process easily and quickly without any hassle and save your precious time. 

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