What does the Mainland Company Setup Cost in Dubai?
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What is the Mainland Company Setup Cost in Dubai

Mainland company establishment in Dubai can be a very engaging investment choice for business people. However, migrating to Dubai for business can prove to be a cumbersome task as the cost of establishing a business in Dubai mainland. If you looking to what is the mainland company setup cost in Dubai then all you need to do is consult with the best business setup consultants at Start Any Business who will guide you completely on this matter and also help you during the entire process of the company establishments. They are able to reduce your establishment costs and make your process easy and reliable without any obstacles.

Mainland companies are business units that are permitted to conduct business within the boundaries of Emirati jurisdiction that fall under commercial geographic areas. In Dubai, all business units registered under the Department of Economic Development under professional, commercial, and sole establishment are recognized as Dubai mainland licenses. Having a primary, Dubai mainland license helps you enjoy maximum flexibility and freedom to develop and conduct your business. There are some rules and policies amended by the government that govern the conditions of mainland companies in Dubai.

In case the business people have a clear concept about the costs to be incurred for setting up a business in Dubai can make the whole procedure much smoother and easier. Hence, this would be challenging to calculate the actual rate of different approvals. The best choice is to communicate with the best and knowledgeable business setup consultants in Dubai. They can assist business people to be aware of the charges initially and make them up-to-date about judicial charges and other governmental services. A skilled and reliable business professional would be able to advise business people on potential costs, saving them from incurring unnecessary costs.

Factors of Mainland Company Setup Cost in Dubai

The following is an outline of the costs a businessman will incur when deciding to establish a business in Dubai mainland –

Dubai mainland company formation cost based on the nature of the business, cost of visa, purchasing, or renting cost of office space. Beginning a business in Dubai mainland comes with the compulsory government charges for a notary, registration, and licensing in a governmental department with legitimate translation.

Such fees may be collected once or can be collected annually. Another compulsory fee that requires to pay is the investor visa fee, which has to be renewed every three years. In addition, a business person has to pay per person visa expenses plus an annual sponsorship charge, one-time legal fees, and, commercial property costs. A lump-sum cost is paid for obtaining the initial approval from the Department of Economic Development to obtain a business license that would permit a businessman to begin a business. When the businessman selects a name for their business establishment, a lump sum cost is paid.

Estimated Mainland Company Setup Cost in Dubai

If you want to start a company in Dubai mainland then you have complete knowledge of Dubai mainland business setup cost as it is very important to know during the process. The cost is based on different factors. Our business setup consultants will help you reduce your formation costs and also guide you on every charge. The necessary charges include –

  • Initial approval in Dubai Department of Economic Development around AED 235
  • Cost of trade name approval around AED 735.
  • Cost of office space – based on the office size. The average office rent will be AED 50 and above per square foot per annum. Office rent based on necessary spot.
  • Verification of Memorandum of Association is around AED 1200; to be drawn up and sanctioned by all the company’s partners.
  • Contract drafting and court agreement verification is around AED 500; for typing; all the attorneys or all the partners would have to go sign the court contract verification.
  • The cost of registration with the Ministry of Economy is around AED 3,000; our company will be registered after you have made the payment.
  • The Dubai mainland license cost is approx AED 10,000
  • Market cost to the government as an office rent percentage – 5% of the shops’ rent, 20% of the rent for warehouses.
  • The UAE local partner cost, based on the nature of business. An average partnership between AED 10,000 to AED 25,000. Some activities, such as real estate and contracting will be more.

Keep Your Cost Down with Start Any Business

Start Any Business, one of the proficient business setup consultants in Dubai who help business people to make their business dream come true at an affordable rate. The best and very simple method to keep your establishment costs down is to consult with us at Start Any Business. We provide you with the best possible services and help you in reducing your setup costs. We help you with every activity related to business establishment in Dubai, whether it is on the mainland, free zone, or offshore.

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