Steps for Product Registration in Dubai, UAE

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    Steps for Product Registration in Dubai, UAE

    Dubai offers one of the best opportunities in the globe for merchants to import, manufacture, distribute, and re-export various products comprising health, hand sanitizers, food, cosmetics, and more. Product registration in Dubai, UAE, is dependent on the specific products. And the process of registration may vary. Manufacturers or must comply with the latest product norms and product registration needs. It is vital to manufacture and import and export products in the market of the UAE. Before starting product registration in Dubai, you require to set up your business in Dubai, UAE. 

    What is Product Registration

    Product registration is a procedure carried out by concerned authorities in a particular country to register any kind of manufactured or imported products in that country. Various types of products are registered through this vital procedure. All the products are necessary to be registered before their promotion, import, and sale in Dubai.

    In Dubai, the product registration procedure is operated by many authorities like the health and safety section of Dubai Municipality, Ministry of Health, and Food Department. The very crucial one is Dubai Municipality while other departments are needed for completion of the procedure too. 

    • The Dubai products registration procedure makes sure that every product either its packaged food or cosmetic product has all the essential information on its label, so the consumer can receive clear information about the product that they are going to purchase. 
    • Dubai Municipality procedure examines the presence of any kind of substance that may be harmful to humans for cosmetics and food products registration, anything that may be not suitable or restricted for human consumption would be rejected to import to Dubai. 
    • All the products registered in Dubai are integrated into one system. Where all the consumer goods are registered in Dubai. This makes it easy for the government, customers, and traders to access detailed information regarding consumer products in Dubai, UAE. 

    Steps for Products Registration

    • Set up a Company

    The product registration can only be processed by a company located in Dubai or in the United Arab Emirates. The company should have a valid trade license. Only a local company of the UAE which has the appropriate activity of the business can register its products with Dubai Municipality. 

    • Registration with Dubai Municipality 

    The companies have to register with the community after verifying a valid license. To start the procedure the company has to apply for the product registration service. Pay the product registration fee as well. Company representatives must fill out a form for each product. The representative should also give a valid appraisal copy of the product label. Registration can only be completed online through the website of the Municipality in Dubai. 

    • Complete Registration

    After the submission of essential documents, the Dubai city Government will review the application. If products adhere to the regulations, the product is registered. And generates an electronic registration certificate. The registration is valid for five years. If there are objections, the applicant has to respond with suitable supporting documents.

    Importance of Product Registration in Dubai, UAE

    • The key reason for applying the procedure of product registration in Dubai is to restrict the trading of harmful and fake products in the local Dubai market and to make sure the protection of consumers and the quality of the products. 
    • Dubai Municipality product registration controls the entry of the products into the market of the UAE to make sure product quality and consumer safety by setting the target at product registration, random product testing, and product inspection. 
    • Products registration specify that every product that would be imported in Dubai for local trading must be registered in Dubai Municipality and receive a registration certificate which can be asked at the time of shipment clearing. 

    Document Required for Product Registration in Dubai, UAE

    Some necessary documents you will require for product registration in Dubai, UAE. The number of products you require to have before you start the procedure of registration is as follows:

    • Free sale certificate with the Government authority attestation in the country. 
    • Analysis report with the signature of the brand owner
    • GMP certificate is necessary for health and local products
    • If any health supplements contain animal derivative products, submit the halal certificate

    Benefits of product registration in Dubai, UAE

    The key purpose of product registration in Dubai, UAE is to ensure that the key user would be safe. While this compulsory registration is beneficial for the consumer, there are also a ton of benefits for businesses to have their products registered. Here are some ways that product registration in Dubai, UAE can help your company:

    • Label security
    • Brand security
    • Import and re-export rights
    • Trouble-free trade inside and outside the UAE
    • You can launch your product in the entire GCC region
    • Minimum or no tax on manufacturing, re-exporting or importing of products in Dubai
    • A variety of products are permitted to be registered in Dubai except for some unethical and unhealthy ones. 

    Above we mentioned the step for product registration in Dubai, we hope these all the necessary things will inspire you, and help you to understand the requirements. 

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