DUQE First Freezone in Dubai Floating Ship Queen Elizabeth 2

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    Company Registration Service in UAE. For Popular Package Know More
    DUQE is the First Freezone in Dubai which is on the Floating Ship Queen Elizabeth 2

    DUQE Freezone was started in June 2022 in Dubai near Mina Rashid on the Floating Ship Queen Elizabeth 2. The official Address for them is Quarter Deck, QE2, Mina Rashid, P.O. Box 554789, Dubai, UAE. Start Any Business is the official partner of DUQE since October 2022.

    What Makes DUQE Unique:

    • Very competitive Pricing for Dubai Freezone License.
    • Flexi desk for 1 year is complimentary on the first year. You are not forced to take a flexi desk for 12 months in the succeeding years. There are very flexible packages from day use to 3,6,12 months. You get to choose which suits you best in the second year moving forward.
    • DUQE is 100% UAE Government owned by credible Government Sectors in the UAE (Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation and Trakhees). Needless to say, the safest place to get your start-up going.
    • DUQE Offers a PRO Service for obtaining external approvals from Government Sectors I behalf of the client.
    • Quick and efficient response from your assigned Account Manager.
    • The Freezones location is ultimately unique. We are aboard the all-time famous Cruise Ship- Queen Elizabeth 2 in Port Rashid. The location offers everything in one place from hotels, restaurants, lounges, and theatres.
    • The Business Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, technology, and a networking lounge.

    List of Activities which is offered by DUQE

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    DUQE license fees and current promotions

    OPTION 1

    STANDARD PACKAGE: Mix of 3 interrelated activities with Free Lease Agreement Free Bank Account opening assistance (with partnered banks)

    FIRST STAGE | LICENSE REGISTRATION PROCESS0 Visa1 Visa2 Visa3 Visa4 Visa5 Visa6 Visa
    License Cost12,50014,25016,00017,75019,50021,25023,000
    Immigration Card (valid for 1 year)1,7501,7501,7501,7501,7501,750
    ANNUAL RENEWAL12,50016,00017,75019,50021,25023,00024,750
    SECOND STAGE | VISA PROCESS- per person (Can be paid later once you process the visa application)
    Residency Visa (valid for 2 years, including Entry Permit, Visa Stamping, Medical)3,500
    Designation Request- Employee700
    Emirates ID Registration388
    Worker’s Protection Program Fee270

    ***Note: 5% VAT will be applied accordingly.

    OPTION 2



    • 1 residence visa with Entry Permit, Medical Test, Visa Stamping, Medical Test, Emirates ID registration
    • Establishment Card (valid for 1 year)
    • 6 months actual Flexi Desk Membership, (FREE of COST – only for this promotional offer)
    • Lease agreement: Complimentary
    • Free Manager or Director designation in the visa
    • Worker Protection Program Fee
    • Free Bank Account Opening Assistance
    • Company Stamp

    Price: AED 19,500

    *5 VAT to be included accordingly it will be AED 20,475

    *Valid until February

    Special Notes:

    *5% VAT to be included accordingly

    *This package includes Free Bank Account Opening Assistance with partnered banks (Mashreq Neobiz, WIO Bank)

    *Change of Visa Status is AED 1550 if the client is inside the UAE while processing the visa

    *Health Insurance that covers UAE is required before obtaining the Visa

    *Biometrics schedule will be based on the available schedule Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

    Timeline for Process:

    Name Reservation1 – 2 working days
    Zoom Meeting/Signed Document Submissiondepends on the client/ agent’s availability
    Initial Approval Application3- 5 working days (depending on National Security the process could be extended on a case to case basis)
    License IssuanceSame day as initial approval issuance
    Establishment Card1 – 2 working days
    Visa, Medical, Typing2- 3 working days

    ***Stamping will now be incorporated in the Emirates ID

    Requirements: for NEW COMPANY FORMATION:

    1. 3 proposed company names (3 totally different names and must contain activity).
      • For a company with multiple ownership, it will be FZCO
      • For a company with sole ownership it will be FZE
    2. Share Capital per investor designation (100k minimum); Share Capital per employee designation (50k minimum)
      • *Please note that this does not need to be deposited in the bank account unless you want to.
    3. Share ratio for multiple Shareholders (must be divisible by 1,000)
    4. Appointments (Shareholder, Manager, Director, and Secretary)
    5. Clear coloured full spread passport copy for all person involved (at least 6 months- see attached for reference)
    6. Mobile number with country code, email address, and full residence address for all person involved.
    7. Filled out Application Form
    8. Payment receipt


    Additional Requirements from the Mother Company:

    1. License
    2. Certificate of Incorporation
    3. Certificate of Incumbency or Good Standing
    4. MOA
    5. Share Registry/ Certificate
    6. Board Resolution

    ***Foreign entity documents must be notarised and attested from UAE Consulate/ Embassy of origin and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

    For more details you can get in touch with us at info@startanybusiness.ae

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