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    How to Start a Cleaning Services Business in Dubai

    Cleaning services is one of the very demanding business activities in the United Arab Emirates. As a land of migrants, the country is home to millions of experts who pay a prime portion of their day out of their homes. Leading business lives departs less time to get any cleaning complete, and several cannot be leaned towards keeping full-time house assistance. Consequently, they trust to cleaning services business in Dubai to maintain their houses.

    Cleaning services is a vast industry that comprises residential cleaning, industrial cleaning, and commercial cleaning. Each of these classifications has further sub-classifications that specialize in one activity like carpet cleaning, AC cleaning, water take cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and more. Although, this can be heated for a professional for a migrant to manage all of it besides the planned business activities.

    Types of Cleaning Services Business in Dubai

    1. Residential Cleaning Services

    You have to get a residential license in case your corporation would give cleaning services to homes and residential spots such as apartments and villas. The specific cleaning activities comprise cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms, storerooms, kitchens, and other home spots. The truth is that the residential cleaning services business in Dubai needs very basic cleaning products and tools.

    1. Commercial Cleaning Services

    In case your corporation would give cleaning services to the commercial area such as offices, retail shops, hospitals, and more. You must get a commercial business license. These spots need the hefty-duty tool and specific cleaning supplies as they are bigger than residential areas.

    1. Industrial Cleaning Services

    Obtain an industrial business license for your cleaning services business in Dubai in case your cleaning services corporation would give sanitization and maintenance of industrial buildings, warehouses, and factories. These places can have very precise necessities such as dangerous, and commercial water cleanup. They also require specific cleaning machinery, specific cleaning supplies, chemicals, and other industrial cleaners.

    The Process to Register Cleaning Services Business in Dubai Municipality

    There’s a simple procedure to register a cleaning services business in Dubai municipality. This would not take much of your time if you comply with the moves given here –

    • Register yourself as a client on the official website of the Dubai Municipality. Then login with similar credentials once the account is formed successfully.

    • After logging in, click on the company registration option and you would be demanded to a new page.

    • Fill in the compulsory areas in the form. Do not forget to click the security check box at the option on your screen.

    • Re-check all the details you have given and then click on the register button.

    • Once your registration procedure is done successfully, you would get a confirmation email from the Dubai Municipality.

    • You should have the corporation’s logo files, business license, and more that requires to be uploaded on the portal of registration.

    The Steps to Start a Cleaning Services Business in Dubai

    We understand that initiating a cleaning services business in Dubai can be very beneficial and you can begin one yourself by complying with these moves –

    1. Submits the Passport and Visa Copies

    In order to begin the procedure of registering your cleaning services business, you have to present copies of your passport and your partner’s passport and visa copies as well.

    1. Choose Company Framework

    Decide on the right company framework for your venture. It would either be a civil company, sole proprietorship, or a limited liability company based on the kind of your business.

    1. Get Business Name Approval

    As per the UAE government, this is compulsory to present three business name choices. One of these three would be sanctioned by the government. Avoid utilizing controversial and objective words in the business name for a smooth registration process.

    1. Sign the LSA Agreement

    Once you obtain the pre-approval from the UAE government to begin your cleaning services business in Dubai, you have to communicate with a local service agent and sign the LSA contract. Then you can draft the Memorandum of Association.

    1. Do Market Research

    Analyze the requirements in various localities and then plan the services you wish to provide. Then target the audience according to the services your business provides. In case you have a vast staff and better transportation features, analyze the requirements in long-distance places as well.

    You can provide personalized and specific services for different localities throughout the Dubai emirate. If you have a small staff and like to give your services within a walking distance places, limit your analysis to that specific place.

    1. Complete Documentation and Obtain a License

    Once you have completed all the above-mentioned moves, you have to meet your paperwork and obtain all the necessary permissions from the Dubai Municipality and Department of Economic Development. Moreover, obtain essential approvals and valid visas. Once you have obtained all the permissions from the relevant legal officials, make the payments of necessary fees and obtain your business license for cleaning services business in Dubai.

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