How To Obtain An Import And Export License In Dubai

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    How To Obtain An Import And Export License In Dubai

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    Dubai is one of the most iconic places in the UAE and all over the globe. The outstanding infrastructure and Dubai’s position make Dubai highly popular for import and export business. To set up your import or export business in Dubai, you first have to obtain the import and export license. The import and export companies in Dubai have greatly profited, and in fact, the Dubai government has even set up e-Services for the companies to have more efficient and easier operations. If you are wondering how to obtain an import and export license in Dubai, then here we mention a guide for you.

    The import, export, and trading activities were out in the Emirate of Dubai even before the formation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Import and export have been one of the oldest trade activities carried out in Dubai. Along with the trade businesses, import and export businesses are the most profitable business activities in Dubai; by starting a company in Dubai, you can leverage the strategic and positional benefit provided to the import and export businesses in the MENA region.

    Amongst the various business possibilities available in Dubai, the Import and export business is amid the major businesses. The business of import and export has been over for centuries. It is an industry that assists the demand and supply of goods and commodities across jurisdictions and countries. Hence, import and export business licenses are much sought after. Import is a product or products brought into one country from another country. It is an export in the sending country. Export is a product or commodity sent out or transported to another country. It is an import in the accepting country.

    To commence the import and export business in Dubai, it is necessary that one gets the requisite license from the concerned officials. To get the license, you require to get registered with the Customers Office in Dubai. The procedure of getting the import and export license is fairly simple and can be done online as well. Along with getting the required license, registration has to be done with the customs department of the UAE. Import and export business needs a Commercial License and will be registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

    Procedure For Import License In Dubai

    If the owner of a business is interested in importing several commodities inside the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from outside it, then to keep their business activity lawful, they must have an import license.

    Documentation Required

    1. Import allows with special grants that allow the importer to import goods that fall under the prohibited category.
    2. An invoice that is representing the total quantity of products and value of the products imported by the company.
    3. The Chamber of Commerce approves the certificate of Origin stating the source of the goods.
    4. A document showing the weight, packaging, and HS code of all the goods meant for import.

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    Procedure For Export License In Dubai

    If the owner of the business is interested in exporting regionally produced or manufactured goods to a country or among the several free zones spread all over the UAE, then they must obtain an Export License.

    Documentation Required

    1. The company must have an accredited Export Declaration Certificate from the licensing official or the Instructions of the Declaration of Goods application (IDG).
    2. The company should have special permission from the regulatory authorities in case of exporting items that fall under the prohibited category.
    3. A sales invoice containing the description of goods, quantity, and value of each piece is needed from the company.

    Steps To Start Import And Export Company In Dubai

    1. Identify a local partner and discuss the business terms
    2. Prepare Memorandum of Association (MOA)
    3. Get the preliminary approvals from government agencies
    4. Register your trade name
    5. Choose the business structure for your company
    6. Apply for a trade license in Dubai
    7. Lease or rent Office Space
    8. Get relevant warehousing facilities for rent or lease
    9. Get the import and export license
    10. Submit the required documents to authorities

    Advantages Of Import And Export Company In Dubai

    1. Well-established business centers
    2. Several free zones concentrating on particular industries
    3. Duty-free exports
    4. Reasonable business setups costs
    5. Facilities visa for dependants
    6. Streamlined visa permits for international traders
    7. Strategic location in the MENA region

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