What Is the Process of Setting Up a Yoga Studio in Dubai
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What Is the Process of Setting Up a Yoga Studio in Dubai
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Yoga is a mix of spiritual, religious, and fitness activities that originated in ancient India. But now yoga has gained huge popularity across the globe as a form of mental and physical exercise. Several studies have also proved that it can be an effective exercise if done carefully. So, if you want to know what is the process of setting up a yoga studio in Dubai then you can consult with the Start Any Business professionals who will help you and provide guidance during the process. They can make smooth and efficient and successful without any kind of hassle. Below we will discuss in detail establishing a yoga center or studio in Dubai.

The UAE is a country that is working towards holistic growth and well-being for its residents. The government of the UAE has recently come up with a new idea – a happiness minister and campaigns promoting healthy lifestyles are introduced to encourage total health and good life status. There is a growing demand for this holistic exercise in the UAE and hence also shows that there is a requirement to enhance supply. As a popular and accessible sport for people of all ages and nationalities, there is a growing demand for yoga in the UAE. Hence offering an attractive distinctive in the market.

The Process to Setting up a Yoga Studio in Dubai

You can establish your yoga studio as an LLC (Limited Liability Company), which is the most popular and common kind of business unit you can set up in the UAE. Selecting an LLC would give you a wider scope of doing business and the chance to establish more studios in Dubai or other sectors of the UAE. According to the law in the GGC sectors, more than one local partner must own at least 51 percent of the overall stakes in the limited liability company. It means that an overseas businessman can’t own over 49% of a business. You may think of partnering with a professional local partnership organization.

If you are wondering about establishing a yoga studio in Dubai, this is essential to get two approvals – one from the Ministry of Youth and Sports Welfare and the second one from the Public Health Ministry. Be sure to select the right local partner to assist and support you. Hence, you can get in touch with us to establish any kind of business in Dubai. Our skilled and trained professionals at Start Any Business can’t just assist you with all the stages in establishing your yoga studio but would also provide suggestions on the specific guidelines that you require to comply with hence you can create a tailored yoga studio.

Think Before Setting up a Yoga Studio in Dubai

Here are three vital things that you should remember when you setting up a yoga studio in Dubai.

1. Choose a Right Location

Yoga has gained more fame in Dubai. But still, there are some places where the requirement for yoga is higher than other locations. In addition, several places are already occupied by setup businesses. Hence, this is crucial to locate a location with great demand and low competition. It would make your business flourish rapidly.

2. Provide Best Services

No matter how good you would be getting in the starting, you can sustain your business only by giving the best and current services to your customers. For this purpose, you will need to be well versed with all the yoga poses and techniques. You can also offer something different to your clients. Your staff should be also agile and experienced. Otherwise, your customers would leave your studio to get a new one.

3. Get Information Beforehand

This is essential to get proper details about rules and regulation in Dubai, prior to opening your yoga studio. The administration is strict and fails to follow the regulations and results in heavy fines and even closure of a business.

Cost of Setting up a Yoga Studio in Dubai

The cost of setting up a yoga studio involves reservation of trade name, local services agent, professional license, all kinds of approvals, labor file opening. All of it would cost around AED 38,000. Expatriates can be 100 percent ownership, although, this is compulsory to hire a local Emirati who works as a local service agent to reproduce the company. The expenses related to cafeteria and sportswear trading would be AED 66,000. The share capital of every activity except yoga studio is AED 300,000, but bank guarantee issuance is not compulsory.

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