UAE Announces Citizenship For Investors And Talented People

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    UAE Announces Citizenship For Investors, Skilled Professionals, & Talented People

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    In a historic move, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced significant citizenship law changes. The UAE announces citizenship for investors, skilled professionals, and talented people. The professionals comprise doctors, scientists, engineers, artists, authors, and their families.

    The decision to provide people with exceptional talents and their families the Emirati citizenship aims to embrace them as part of the UAE society, make sure the social stability of these people ij the country, and enhance the overall national development system.

    United Arab Emirate’s Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the Gulf kingdom’s citizenship law amendments. The new directive motive is to attract talents that contribute to the development of the UAE. The amendments in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) citizenship law will permit a person to retain their original nationality, which is a significant change to the previous rule that restricted dual citizenship.

    But the new rules do not permit individuals to apply for UAE’s citizenship directly; rather than skilled professionals would be nominated by government or royal court officials.

    The changes in UAE’s citizenship law outlined many different categories of eligible residents and offered a wide of benefits, comprising the right to set up or own commercial entities and properties.

    The Federal National Council (FNC) member Sara Mohammed Falaknaz said the amendments granting Emirati citizenship to investors, professionals, and other talents clearly affirm that the UAE is a country of dreams and ambitions. This is an excellent milestone. It will offer hope to people in several fields to create a better future for them and their families and to realize their aspirations.

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    Requirements For UAE Citizenship

    The law specified the terms and conditions upon which citizenship can be conferred:

    1. Investors

    Must own a property in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The investors are required to get one or more patents that are approved by the UAE Ministry of Economy or any other reputable international body, in addition to a recommendation letter from the Economy Ministry.

    2. Scientists

    Must be an active researcher there at a university, a research institute, or the private sector, have ten years of experience in that field, have scientific offerings such as must be won a prestigious scientific award or having secured notable funding for their study for ten years, along with this a recommendation letter from a credited scientific institute in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    3. Medical doctors and skilled professionals

    Must be specialized in a unique scientific field that is required by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have contributed to studies and research that have scientific value in their field, have ten years of experience in that field in addition to a membership in a professional organization in his field.

    4. Intellectual and artists

    They must be pioneers in culture, arts, and other talents with at least one international award in those talents in addition to a recommendation letter from the UAE suitable bodies.

    Conditions For UAE Citizenship

    The new stipulates the terms and conditions of the granting of citizenship to those talented segments, such as the oath and swearing in allegiance to the UAE, a pledge to uphold and respect the laws of the country, informing the appropriate authority of they get new citizenship or lost one.

    When the changes also stipulated the rights of those who have conferred UAE citizenship under the new law, such as the right to set up and own companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), buy and own land and real estate property in the country, in addition to any other right extend to them by the federal bodies, with the approval of the Cabinet or by local government bodies.

    The declaration also said that UAE citizenship could be removed from those classes in such cases as the destruction of the statutory duty or losing at least one of the provisions upon which an individual was allowed the citizenship.

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