Richest People in Dubai: Top 10 Richest Men in UAE 2023

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    Richest People in Dubai: Top 10 Richest Men in UAE 2023

    Dubai is the most precious and known for its luxury lifestyle. Here you see the world’s largest building, modern architectural designs, fantastic weather, and famous businessmen.

    Dubai is known for its skyscrapers, ports, and beaches also but along with this you see a large number of business industries established in Dubai in previous years. Dubai took first place in the business industry and boosted the growth of the UAE.

    Here you see the high standard of mindset and their mind-blowing plans to grow business and make Dubai a melting point all over the Middle East. Dubai is a crime-free city that helps the efficiency and evolution of business. To protect their safe environment, Many industry and businessmen made their homes in Dubai, UAE.

    Here we make a list of the top ten richest people in Dubai. Take a look at their net worth and who they start their work with and their struggle to become a Richman.

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    Here is the list of the top 10 Richest People in Dubai, UAE

     Top 10 Richest People in Dubai, UAE
    1. Pavel Durov
    Pavel Durov Dubai Richest Man

    He is the founder of Telegram messaging and their monthly active users are more than 700 million. He was born on 10 October 1984 in Russia. Durov supporters of the development finished their graduation in philology from Saint Petersburg State University.

    Pavel Durov exited Russia after he denied to work with Russian secret services and deliver them encrypted data of his first online network users He established a telegram to Dubai in 2017 and determined to become a French citizen. He started their journey in 2006, making an online site for the library to help students. At the end of the year, he gained 3 million users on their site and became the most popular social media platform in Russia.

    Then he launched the security-based platform, Telegram with his elder brother Nikolai. After this, he sold his shares in VK and worked as a CEO in 2014. Today, he works as the CEO of Telegram and his net worth is $15.1 billion.

    1. M.A Yusuff Ali
    M.A Yusuff Ali Dubai Richest Man

    M.A. Yusuff Ali was born on 15 November 1955 in Kerala, India. He is the chairman and Managing director of LULU Group International. who established the LuLu hypermarket chain worldwide and the LuLu International shopping mall. Their total net worth is US$7.4 billion.

    He started their journey in Abu Dhabi in 1973, he came to do a trim distributed business with his uncle. After this, he became a member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family and started their business with the name LuLu Hypermarket. Not in Dubai, he established their business in the U.K. also. Their business is the exotic and allocation of frozen products from Europe and the United States.

    1. Hussain Sajwani
    Hussain Sajwani Dubai Richest Man

    Hussain Sajwani is a Founder and Chairman of a global property development company, DAMAC Properties, and founder and chairman of the DAMAC Group. In 2002, he took a chance and selected DAMAC Properties, which the boost to become one of the most considerable property growth companies in UAE.

    Along with this, He started a food services business, catering to the U.S. military. Sajwani is also known for excessive Marketing like offering Lamborghinis to apartment buyers. He has treaty steals with Versace and Bugatti

    1. Ravi Pillai
    Ravi Pillai Dubai Richest Man

    Ravi Pillai was born in India, in a farmer’s house. In his starting days, he struggled with poverty. He completed their post-graduation in Business administration from Kochi University. In 1978, He started RP Group with the backing of their regional partners.

    After this, made with sheer determination, erecting the RP Group multi-billion dollar empire. Their total net worth is $7.8 billion. Along with the RP group, He runs 5-star hotels like The Raviz Ashtamudi, The Raviz Kovalam, and The Raviz Kadavu.

    1. Abdulla bin Ahmed AL Ghurair
    Abdulla bin Ahmed AL Ghurair Dubai Richest Man

    Abdulla AI Ghurair is the founder of Mashreqbank, A leading U.A.E. bank in 1967. He became a chairman in 2019 but remained a board member also. His company was interested in building the Dubai metro and it also constructed the external cladding of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

    He is also a sponsor of the development of the educational sector in the U.A.E. and in June 2021, established an AGF ( Abdulla AL Ghurair ) hub for digital teaching and learning. His total net worth is $3.1 billion and owns over 80 businesses in the UAE, Europe, and the United States.

    1. Sunny Varkey
    Sunny Varkey Dubai Richest Man

    Sunny Varkey is the creator and administrative chairman of the global advisory and educational management, GEMS Education. This is the largest private Kindergarten-to-12 school in the world with the number of 80 schools in all countries. He is a chairman of an umbrella business organization and the founder and trustee of the Varkey Foundations. Varkey was born in Ranni, Kerala India in 1957.

    He moved to Dubai in 1959, but for some reason, he returned to Kerala in the 4th grade and sold fruit from the side of the road to make some extra money. After this he pursued A-levels at Bembridge school in U.K.after this he came to Dubai and established an education system GEMS. Today he is counted as the richest person in the U.A.E.and their net worth is $3 billion.

    1. BR Shetty
    BR Shetty Dubai Richest Man

    Bavaguthu Raghuram Shetty was born on 1 August 1942 in Karnataka, India. He was the founder of NMC Health and other United Arab Emirates companies in Abu Dhabi. He established NMC (New Medical Centre Health) in 1975, Now NMC is the biggest healthcare provider in the U.A.E. with over four million people, providing their services in these cities KSA, Oman, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Colombia, and Brazil.

    This is the first healthcare company from the Gulf Cooperation countries. Along with NMC, he established a firm BR Life, which furnishes services in India, Nepal, Africa, and the Gulf region and he is investing in different sectors like retail, hospitality, construction, and real estate. His total net worth is around $ 2.6 billion.

    1. Abdulla Futtaim
    Abdulla Futtaim Dubai Richest Man

    Abdulla Futtaim was born in January 1940. He is the CEO and vice chairman of AI Futtaim Group.AI Futtaim is a Dubai- based company with activities like retail, automotive, technology, and real estate.AI Futtaim is the largest company In U.A.E., which include more than 65 companies and over 20.000 employees.

    Including this, they established AL Futtaim Group automobiles and automotive products in U.A. Along with this, they started furniture and home goods retailers, which are famous all over the world. Abdulla Futtaim’s total net worth is $2 billion, he is counted as the richest man in U.A.E.

    1. Joy Alukkas
    Joy Alukkas Dubai Richest Man

    He is an Indian businessman from Kerala, who designated Alukkas Jewelry in 2001. Joy Alukkas chairman and managing director of Joyalukkas Group. In 2007, he extended the world’s most extensive gold and diamond jewelry showroom and a “Diamond Cave” in Chennai, India Along with this, they run many other businesses like Mall of Joy, a shopping retail destination, jolly silk, a silk fashion label, a money exchange platform and a real estate company. Joy Alukka’s total net worth is $3.1 billion.

    1. Dr. Shamsheer Vayall
    Dr. Shamsheer Vayall Dubai Richest Man

    Dr Shamshree Vayall was born on 11 January 1977 in India, he completed his graduation from Kasturba medical college, Manipal. He was a radiologist for 12 months in Khalifa Medical City. In 2007, he founded his first hospital LLH Hospital in Abu Dhabi. In twelve years, VPS Healthcare opened 20 hospitals and 23 medical centers in three countries.

    Today, he is the Founder and Chairman of Burjeel Holdings and VPS Healthcare. Along with this, Vayalil is a member of the UAE Medical Council. And run other businesses like Extensive portfolio including Burjeel Holdings, RPM, Lifepharma, Lakeshore Hospital, Ziva, Keita, and many education institutes. His total net worth is US$2.4 billion and counted as the richest man in the U.A.E.

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