Company Name Registration Procedure in Dubai

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    Company Name Registration Procedure in Dubai

    This is quite obvious as everybody first begins thinking of the names of the company while making plans for their own business. And this makes perfect sense, as the name would become an initial point for all that corporate identity stuff, you’ll be working on going forward. If you are looking for a company name registration procedure in Dubai then communicate with the Start Any Business consultants who will surely provide proper guidance and also assistance on choosing an appropriate name for your venture and also help in name registration. They make your process reliable and successful with ease and in the shortest possible time.

    Company names should attract clients immediately and be easily memorable. The name for a company is one that builds a starting impression for the customer. Business people select a name for their company after detailed study and in-depth research. The UAE has long been alluring business people with their business-friendly systems. Amending the rules to permit 100% overseas ownership is the icing on the cake. The nation is expecting to surge of overseas business people with the recent attractions. Needless to say, the nation may be the most suitable location to invest in the business.

    Coming back to the topic, we will be focusing on the rules for selecting a company name in Dubai. Yes, there are certain conditions in the country regarding the names of the companies. You can’t name your company according to your thought; there are rules and regulations that must be complied with prior to choosing a company name in Dubai. Please read the prescribed rules regarding the company name prior to forwarding the choices for registration.

    The steps for Company Name Registration in Dubai

    1. Choose a Name Based of Rules and Regulations

    A company name is a name provided for the purpose of conduct. Often referred to as a fictitious name or business name. The company name is a name that the public sees, such as the internet and the signs. You will have to select a company name that is completely based on the rules and regulations. Dubai Department of Economic Development has the right to reject the name in case the company name doesn’t comply with any rules and regulations.

    2. Check the Availability

    After selecting a company name in Dubai, you will have to examine the availability. You can examine this via public services given by the Local Ministry of Economy.

    3. Reserve Your Company Name

    This phase is vital if you require a business license for your commercial activity. To get the business license, you will need to reserve a company name with the permission of the Dubai Department of Economic Development. The overseas business people can send an online application for the approval of the company name and submit it at the DED.

    4. Make the Payment

    The payment can be offline or online depending on the convenience of the user. You will need to make a payment for the company name reservation within 72 hours of getting the payment voucher. The certificate of the company name has validity for six months, and the certificate of the company name that has expired already needs to be reserved again.

    Rules and Regulations for Selecting a Company Name

    1. The company name needs to demonstrate commercial activity.
    2. The name of a company must not have existed already in the business market.
    3. The company name must not include improper words.
    4. The company name must not possess the name of God.
    5. Some words aren’t allowed, like City, emirates name, Airports, and district codes of Dubai.
    6. Names of countries and continents must not be utilized in company names; although, nationalities can be utilized as a name of the company.
    7. The name of a company can’t start with either Middle East, International, Global, and more, or translated names.
    8. A company name must not include restrictions on government standards.
    9. The name of a company can’t fully or partially include any of the active worldwide brands such as Samsung, Apple, Kia, and more.
    10. The name of a company must not include any sign of denominational religious groups, worldwide political associations, like the FBI.
    11. The name of the subsidiary can’t be the same as the name of the parent company. However, legal and affix names aren’t regarded as a portion of a name.
    12. Terms such as “CO” and “ME” are limited to personally owned companies, except they come as a portion of a word such as “LCME” trading.
    13. Family names can be, but just when if the first name is comprised and should be the name of one of the intended stakeholders.

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