How To Start A Healthcare Business In Dubai

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    How To Start A Healthcare Business In Dubai

    The Dubai Emirate is renowned for its healthcare amenities. Medical and healthcare technologies are very modern that people from around the world visit the nation for different treatments. If you are considering investing in this sector, this is one of the most promising industries in the nation. The capital city of Dubai boasts of giving major medical services, be it private or public healthcare systems. It makes several overseas investors look for how to start a healthcare business in Dubai.

    If you are wanting to form your healthcare business in Dubai, the Dubai Healthcare City can empower you to do so. But prior to beginning to plan anything, let’s learn a bit about the kinds of healthcare business formation in Dubai and how to obtain a private clinic license in this emirate.

    The Process of Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai

    1. Decide the Company Structure

    The first move is to choose the company structure of your healthcare business in Dubai. In the Dubai emirate, you would need several choices to choose the right business framework suiting your business requirements. This is necessary to choose a corporate framework depending on the score of stakeholders and the capital to be invested in the previous phase.

    1. Reserve the Company Trade Name

    In the second phase, you have to decide on a business name for your corporation. This is to be remembered that the name must not be objective, and must be unique. Once you have chosen the business name, you have to take the needed approvals from the Dubai Government Authorities.

    1. Choose a Strategic Location

    The spot given is one of the fundamental essentials in business success. Forming a corporation where the target audience isn’t present will lead to loss, on the flip side, choosing the appropriate spot will assist you to produce a large profit. In addition, the Dubai Emirate has got specific spots such as free zones, mainland, and offshore that comply with the specific rules about business incorporation.

    1. Apply for the DED Approval

    The next move is to locate the stakeholders and the General Manager of your corporation. The application forms would be presented to the Economics Department of the Dubai Emirate along with their passports and the legal papers of the stakeholders.

    1. Apply for DHA Approval

    Simultaneous to the submission of the Economic Department application, you also have to approach the Department of Health Authority of the emirate to obtain a permission certificate to conduct the business activity. They would drill down to find the business activities that would be carried out by the corporation, and after complete scrutiny, they would sanction.

    1. Draft the Relevant Documents

    One of the crucial is you have to draft concerned papers such as a Memorandum of Association and Article of Association that comprises concerning details about the business activities. These papers are needed to submit to government officials to get the needed licenses and approvals.

    1. Obtain the Relevant License

    The final move after approval is to grant the license to hold the business functions. If you’re making a plan to begin a clinic, you have to get a clinic license. Once the respective license is acquired based on the business activities, you would be able to run the business functions legally.

    Why Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai

    There are many advantages to starting a healthcare business in Dubai. Not just does have a business-friendly climate but it also gives free from taxes, strategic spot, and ease of business formation. A few of the main advantages to begin a healthcare business are –

    • This permits full overseas company ownership.

    • You don’t need to make the payment of income or corporate taxes.

    • There are no customs duties for goods and services.

    • The city gives a comprehensive array of customized real estate solutions.

    • The location also gives possibilities to cooperate with others performing in a similar sector.

    Types of Formation of a Healthcare Business in Dubai

    1. Ambulatory Centers

    These are usually referred to as outpatient clinics. Such kind of medical feature hub gives services that don’t need you to live overnight at the hospital or clinic.

    1. Healthcare Investment Management

    You can also think of beginning a healthcare investment management company in this emirate. You can handle the financial assets and investments of healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals.

    1. Professional Development Training

    To make sure the service quality is given by clinics, hospitals, or any medical feature, this is vital to have an expert and proficient staff. You can be concerned about beginning a business to give short-term courses regarding HR training, professional evolvement training, social and nature training, clinical skill evolvement, and more.

    1. Higher Education Providers

    The education industry today is increasing in the world and regarding education for the medical industry, the opportunities are endless. You can begin a junior medical college, medical university, and technical healthcare education unit in Dubai.

    1. Medical Publishing

    This industry targets both healthcare experts and students. The medical publishing market encompasses a large sort of formats like medical journals, databases, medical books, clinical research papers, and online content.

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