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    List of Top IFZA Services

    IFZA is one of the current additions to the free zones in the United Arab Emirates. This is handled and controlled by the government regulatory agency renowned as the International Free Zone Authority. IFZA has rapidly achieved excellent status and gained the business community’s respect as one of the country’s most promising and quickest-growing free zones. If you want a business setup in these free zones, then you can several IFZA business setup services with several benefits. So, connect with business consultants and grab the opportunity.

    Due to its adaptable, affordable, and creative licensing solutions, IFZA is currently a free zone of choice for most businessmen and news ventures formed in the country. The free zone gives excellent advantages from easy business operation to other features.

    Licensed Offered by IFZA

    The free zone gives the choice for businessmen to hold around three activities under one IFZA business license. You do hold the choice to possess over 3 activities, although, there would stand an extra charge. In addition, a benefit of forming a business in the free zone is that businessmen have the possibility to blend professional and commercial business activities under one license.

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    IFZA is also one of some free zones in the country that doesn’t think about e-commerce as an individual activity. Although, the businessman has the choice to sell goods on online forums with a general business license. In addition, you even don’t need to hold a warehouse in the free zones and can move ahead with only a virtual office.


    The business licenses granted by the jurisdiction are –

    1. Consultancy License

    Businessmen who are in the business sector like marketing or accounting can get a consultancy business license.

    1. General Trading License

    Businessmen who wish to sell, import, store, distribute, and re-export goods under an individual license can get a general trading license. An additional benefit is that you can conduct trade with many sorts of goods under one general trading license without any outside cost.

    Businessmen who get this license are regulated to trade around any sort of goods like electronics, furniture, and more. Although, there’s an exception for some kinds of goods that aren’t allowed to stand traded or need specific approval from different municipalities. Certain of these hopes comprise alcohol, weaponry, and medical drugs.

    1. IFZA Service License

    This license is granted to businessmen who wish to run service-focused businesses. This is offered to people who are either possessing a professional degree or hold a heavily remarkable experience in a specific sector.

    1. Trading License

    A trading license is nearly similar to a general trading license. However, in this term, the businessman can just trade one sort of good under a trading license.

    IFZA even gives additional services like license upgrades or downgrades, license amendments along with documents.

    Visa Services

    IFZA visa prices begin from AED 3,750. Additionally, the free zone is continuously coming up with promotions and with enhanced costing to aid businessmen looking to form a corporation. One of the largest benefits of initiating a venture in IFZA is that businessmen have the possibility to get one free lifetime investor visa on a free zone business setup. They even give VIP visa stamping to businessmen.

    IFZA Facilities

    1. Virtual office

    This is also renowned as a digital office. Virtual offices are a part of an adaptable workspace. This gives ventures a blend of IFZA business setup services without the requirement of a physical workplace. These services comprise business address, phone number, call managing, e-mail, and reach to other office features.

    1. Smart Desk or Flexi Desk

    Smart Desk or Flexi desk includes a desk and chair formation in a shared office workplace. Holding a Flexi desk feature will mean that the corporation has a physical address.

    1. Warehouse

    Ventures who require beach raw materials can make utilization of warehousing amenities.

    1. Full Office

    A full office will give corporations a completely formed workplace to adjust the score of workers, meeting rooms, and more.


    One of the huge benefits of IFZA business setup services is that this gives a range of packages to businessmen who wish to advance in the sector of entrepreneurship and to form them on the appropriate track. IFZA is even the just free zone in the country that gives lifetime visas to business people who form a corporation.

    Start Your IFZA Business Setup with Start Any Business

    It comes as no surprise that most businessmen who wish to begin a company in Dubai offered a lot of benefits. In case you are a businessman who looking to initiate your journey in the city of prospects, free zones are the appropriate option for you.

    IFZA is specific and is one of the famous options for its remarkable perks. In case you want to initiate your business in this location, connect with Start Any Business. Start Any Business has been one of the reputed about all things for business formation. We are the perfect choice to make sure that the procedure of business formation operates smoothly.

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