How to Start a Business in Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ)?

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    How to Start a Business in Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) 2024?

    Dubai has become a major hotspot for setting up business. With the multiple business opportunities that it provides, it has attracted several entrepreneurs in the city. Out of the various free zones that it has to offer, Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) is regarded as one of the most distinctive ones. Homing more than 2500 businesses, it is the most popular choice among people for company setup in Dubai due to it being economically driven. With nearly twenty thousand professionals from different sectors and industries working there, it is known to empower multiple businesses from all over the world.

    This area is renowned among China, Singapore, and other Asian nations are examples. Due to its astonishing growth prospects despite the pandemic, it is undoubtedly a global trading hub. The DAFZ is a region that has made thousands of businesses from throughout the world relocate here

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    With DAFZ, Dubai is succeeding in promoting the agenda of making Dubai an investment destination among investors. However, it is still a topic of great confusion on how to start a business here due to the stringent rules which can give a hard time for the prospective investors to understand. So, with SAB, don’t look any further because we are here to guide you for business setup in Dubai.

    Steps to Start a Business in Dubai Airport Free Zone?

    Steps to Start a Business in Dubai Airport Free Zone?

    If you are interested in starting a business in Dubai, then take advice from our experts at SAB. at SAB, we help you analyse all the requirements that are vital for starting up a business in Dubai. Though, these requirements are subjective to each of the business types and the activity. The process is also different so in that case, contacting a business consultancy is the best solution for Company Setup in Dubai.

    Our experts are firm believers in doing extensive research for each and every business to understand the regulations in detail. So, We have a complete guide for you on how to begin to establish your business in Dubai. The steps are easy but they are subjective for each business.

    Here know the Three Easy Steps to Start a Business in Dubai Airport Free Zone:

    1. Select your license

    At DAFZ, six types of licences are offered to entrepreneurs for business setup in Dubai. These licences are as follows:

    Steps to Start a Business in Dubai Airport Free Zone

    ● Trade

    If someone is holding this licence then they are allowed to conduct trading activities such as import, export, stocking, and administering specific products. If one wants to opt for carrying trade online, then one can get an E-commerce licence for trade.

    ● Service

    The persons who deal in carrying out services as their business activity then they are entitled to obtain the service licence. If they possess this licence, they can provide the service as specified by the licence.

    ● Industrial

    A holder of this licence can carry out the activities related to manufacturing, packaging, and assembling of the goods.

    ● General

    Owning this licence can enable an entity to carry out basic trading activities. These trading activities include import, export, re-export, storage, and administration of the goods.

    ● Dual with DED

    For a Dubai company setup, one needs to get a physical space in order to carry out their business. But if a registered entity possesses this licence then they become eligible to apply for a DED (Dubai De[partment of Economic Development) licence. This allows them to operate their business out of DAFZ. And they need not get a physical space for an office.

    Business Setup in Dubai 2024

    ● Talent pass

    Entities that deal in freelancing activities in the fields of media, tech, and education. They are entitled to get a talent pass licence for carrying out their services on a freelancing basis. Getting this licence includes the benefits of getting a visa and getting a smart office.

    1. Select the Company Type

    The next step for company setup in Dubai includes selecting a business type. At DAFZ, three types of company setups are offered. All the distinctive features are mentioned below. These are:

    ● Freezone

    The company is established in the free zone. The company comprises one to fifty shareholders both individual and non-individual. Arranging a business in a zone with no constraints requires a minimum share capital of one AED.


    A PLC is a Public Limited Company having a limited liability. There is no constraint on the number of shareholders. This type of company is best suited for companies that wish to list or offer shares on the security markets (IPO).

    company setup in Dubai 2024


    It is an office that represents a company. Starting a new branch is a popular choice for a foreign company in the UAE. The newly established branch is set for an already existing business. For setting up this type of company, no share capital is required.

    1. Choose a space

    DAFZ offers a variety of options for choosing a space to carry out your business. These are office spaces, space for warehousing and industrial proposes, and cold storage.

    The above-mentioned three steps are involved in a company setup in Dubai. The DAFZ is a favourable location for setting up a business for many entities. Here know why:

    Reasons to Start a Business in Dubai Airport Free Zone:

    1. Top-notch Location and Infra

    The Dubai Airport free zone is known to harness the services with its world-class facilities. These facilities are exclusively available to the free trade zone. The DAFZ is in the prime location of the Dubai airport boundaries. The area is home to many entities that experience the amenities which DAFZ has to provide.

    Reasons to Start a Business in Dubai Airport Free Zone

    This region is known to cover over 20 industries including aviation, pharma, supply chain, mobile phones, IT, and the like. The infra of DAFZ is well equipped with the services of custom, cargo clearance which are available 24/7. Moreover, it has a logistics centre, cheap labour, warehouses, lease options for a period of 25 years, etc.

    1. Leverage on taxation

    The entities who operate their business in DAFZ, enjoy several taxation benefits. They get the incentives for taxation on:

    ● Corporate tax
    ● Percentage of tax
    ● Exemption from tax
    ● Import and export
    ● 0% income tax
    ● 100% foreign ownership
    ● 100% reduction in capital
    ● Nil currency restrictions

    1. Licensing and facilitation

    The DAFZ has an authorisation received for the quality of the structural setups that it offers. It is even facilitated by independent organisations like ISO and OHSAS.

    1. Single administration window

    The Dubai Airport Free Zone provides a single window for carrying out administrative services. This is done to enhance the virtue of cross-border trading. The benefit of having a single window is to facilitate the documentation process of a business with a single entity only. It helps in easing the dealings with the governmental authorities. When business processes are carried out under a single entity it makes it easier to obtain the various permits and clearances. These methods are also budget-friendly and methodological.

    1. Solid governmental relations

    The government is known to be making the dedicated motivation for various projects. The aim is to make DAFZ a main provider of services relating to trade for foreign customers. The main aim of the UAE Government is to make the business processes of a new business as easy as possible. The government is providing amenities for setting up new businesses such as providing spaces for 9office, processing visas, registration, licensing, and other services of operations and administration.


    So, now that we know the benefits of starting a business in the DAFZ, don’t wait anymore for Business setup in UAE and get in touch with the business expert at Start Any Business. get access to the premium business set up in the prime location of the trade centre of the world. Take your company to the heights it deserves to be by starting your business adventure now.

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