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    How to Get an E-trader License in Dubai

    Dubai has set its focus on growing an e-commerce center. Many people thought to start their business from home on social media. They want to sell online their products like clothes, handmade accessories, and digital marketing services. If you want to know how to get an e-trader license in Dubai to increase your online business. Then, below we mentioned the entire process of getting an e-trader license that will surely help you to understand the procedure. This license will help you with all alternatives of function effectively on social media and set up your business brand.

    Nowadays every entrepreneur, whether it is an individual or a home-based company, can sell their products through social media to garner development and make their niche and market. the same is a witness for most of the fashion brands, handicraft cottages, local businesses, etc.

    Hence, sensing the opportunity on hand and in an effort to keep up with the world in the time of social media, the government of Dubai started issuing an e-trader license into the Department of Economic Development. The bid is to stimulus new-age entrepreneurs, investors, and owners of the business to invest in an online business, which is based in Dubai that is one of the quickest growing trading centers in the world.

    What is an E-trader License in Dubai

    E-trader license in Dubai was begin by the DED (Department of Economic Development) in the Year 2017 and its key purpose is to encourage people to carry out business on social media. The e-trader license permits the companies to present their products and services on social media which will also permit them to easily sell their products.

    One of the benefits of online business is, there is no middleman to present the services and products to the end-user, this is a direct business. It would help and permits you to receive a better price for the end-user. In addition, by e-trader license that is online, both the parties – the end-user and businessmen can easily communicate regarding services and products. It would enhance the confidence of clients to do shopping on online sites and buy through it.

    There are also certain benefits of online trading. This the times when fake items are trading by online or on social media. Department of Economic Development also regulates the regulations for online trading by social media such as Facebook, and others.

    The Process of Apply for E-trader License in Dubai

    The procedure of obtaining the e-trader license in Dubai is straightforward. You can apply easily for the license by complying these steps are given below:

    • The first step is you need to visit the Department of Economic Development trader website.
    • The next step is, you need to make a trader account
    • Then, you need to register and make the payments.
    • After that, you need to give details of your social media accounts while registering for the license.

    Once all the essential steps are accomplished, you need to receive the confirmation for the trader license within 5 to 10 minutes.

    Benefits of Obtaining E-trader License in Dubai

    The licensing initiative would increase transparency and client confidence in online shopping. The benefits of getting an e-trader license in Dubai are given below:

    • This provides you trade name security
    • You can take pleasure in banking offers
    • This license makes you capable to participate in exhibitions and conferences
    • You can view products in consumer stores
    • Getting Dubai Chamber membership of facilitating import and export operations
    • Training and workshops
    • Temporary employment services
    • Ads on social media

    Who should Apply for E-trader License in Dubai

    The list of people that can apply for the E-trader license in Dubai are:

    • Home-based businesses and individuals that endorse and sell their products online through social media or websites can apply for an e-trader license.
    • All the online sales through a valid social media account need an e-trader license. It applies to housewives and mothers who are staying in the home and engage in the sales of hand-made products, through different online platforms.
    • E-trader license is applicable for the home-business endeavors for which office space need isn’t compulsory as EJARI documentation is irrelevant here.
    • E-trader license in Dubai is applicable for a freelancer that provides different online services. A home-based business owned by a single individual that doesn’t require a local partner can apply for an E-trader license.

    If you are looking for E-trader license in Dubai then we at Start Any Business here for you. We have a team of qualified and skilled professionals who are able to make this process of getting a license trouble-free. Our business consultants have years of experience in this sector and they complete your licensing process in a short possible time. If you are interested then get in touch with us. We would be glad to assist you.

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