What the UAE's New Green Visa Means for Families and Children

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    What the UAE’s New Green Visa Means for Families and Children

    The UAE on Sunday announced a new visa, what the UAE’s new green visa means for families and children, well this visa permitting overseas to work in the nation without being sponsored by an employer, loosened residency needs in an effort to increase economic development.

    The Minister of state for overseas trade, Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, unveiled the visa on Sunday as he laid out comprehensive schemes to allure the best talent and increase overseas investment.

    SME owners and high-performing students would also be qualified. The complete criteria, comprising when and how the visa would be available, are still to be revealed.

    Dr. Al Zeyoudi stated the new visa was set targets at a “self-dependent” investor who required to sponsor the members of the family.

    “He is not going to be associated with companies. He is going to be sponsoring his parents, sponsoring his kids up to 25 – rather than the age of 18, such as nowadays,” he told The National.

    The capability of sponsor a son in his mid-twenties to live in the Emirates is important. However, parents can sponsor the residency visa of their daughter until she is married, male kids can’t be sponsored once they left school at the age of eighteen. And though universities offer student visas, bachelors often locate themselves rapidly look for a residency visa after graduation.

    The new visa provides a grace duration of 90 to 180 days in the case of cancellation – remarkably longer than the recent 30 days tenure.

    A new flexible freelance visa, which wasn’t fully detailed on Sunday, is also set the target at highly proficient people in “new areas to whom we wish to bring new concepts”, said Dr. Al Zeyoudi.

    He also indicated a “humanitarian aspect” in the new rules for a visa. Widowed and divorced can now live in the UAE for one year because they try to locate a job or locate certain other methods of settle down. Currently, they are permitted to stay in the UAE for thirty days.

    Teenagers Allowed to work part-time jobs for the first time

    Third, another change would permit children at 15 years of age to work for the first time. A temporary work permit would permit them to set up a part-time job and gain a taste for the workplace without hindering their studies.

    The decision can be extremely important and can bring a culture of temporary and part-time work. “Someone who is staying here, who is over the age of 15 years can apply for a part-time job,” Dr. Al Zeyoudi stated.

    “We do not wish them to stop their study but this is a temporary visa to gives them accessibility to market, shaping their passion and looking at the areas they wish to study and with to build a future in. This is our part to make sure that students have accessibility to the market.”

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