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    How to Apply for RERA License in Dubai

    Dubai’s engineering marvels and magnificent skyscrapers are world-famous. The real estate industry allures a lot of new business people every year that wish to establish their real estate business in Dubai. Real estate plays many roles in the procedure of successful transactions.
    If you want to know how to apply for a RERA license in Dubai to run your real estate business in Dubai. Your good work and attitude ethic are certain criteria that would propel you to success in the real estate industry in Dubai. Here we mentioned a little guide related to the process of obtaining a license in Dubai, this guide will surely help you to understand the entire procedure and make it easy and smooth.

    Being a real estate agent needs good social skills, dedication, and hard work. Having stated that having these skills isn’t enough to become a real estate agent in Dubai. To conduct a real estate transaction in Dubai, you should have a RERA license. The business professional at Start Any Business (SAB) can assist you to get a Dubai RERA license by delivering thorough assistance with paperwork, approvals, licensing, and much more.

    Here is the Process to Apply for a RERA License in Dubai

    • Obtain a Residency Visa
    • Apply for a DREI Certified Training
    • Take the RERA Exam
    • Obtain a Realtor License

    Getting a RERA license is just the start of your journey to becoming a successful real estate agent in Dubai. To get a RERA license, this is necessary to take the RERA exam and be certified. You need to follow a step-by-step process to get a RERA license in Dubai:

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    1. Obtain a Residency Visa

    If you are an expatriate then the first step is to get a residency permit. The UAE nationals and GCC already have this permit, hence this is simple for them to proceed with the RERA licensing procedure. Although, UAE non-residents require a valid residency visa to apply for a real estate broker job in Dubai or to set up their firm.

    Expatriates can either obtain a work visa in Dubai from their staff. Although, expatriates are not required to complete a fixed tenure of residence to apply for a RERA license in Dubai. Once you have obtained a residency visa, you can apply for the process of a license with the help of your business consultant.

    2. Apply for a DREI Certified Training

    Once you have obtained the residency permit, the next phase is to get training with the DREI (Dubai Real Estate Institute). This is a four-day course that sets a target to provide you with an insight into the real estate industry in the country. This training is authorized by the RERA which is the regulatory body of the DLD (Dubai Land Department). You can take online classes for training or training institutes at the Dubai Land Department.

    3. Take the RERA Exam

    Once you have accomplished all the modules of the training syllabus, the next phase is to appear for the written RERA exam for a certificate. This exam is a deciding aspect of being a real estate agent in Dubai. hence, it is recommended to read the material provided in the syllabus honestly. Any person, who has a bachelor’s degree or not, can apply for a RERA license in Dubai. although, if you have a degree in a related sector, this improves your chances of becoming successful in the long term in your career.

    4. Obtain a Realtor License

    Once you passed the exam, you are ready to get a RERA license in Dubai and start your real estate firm. An additional need to get this license is obtaining a good conduct certificate. Once these needs are completed, the DED would issue your RERA license, and you would get the credentials within some days after the submission of all the relevant documents successfully.

    This is better to cooperate with the experienced legal consultants at Start Any Business (SAB) as we will manage your headache of obtaining a RERA license so that you can concentrate on other important business activities.

    Whether it is an individual broker or a real estate agency – all look for a home in Dubai for their dream venture. Apart from this, the city presents many attractive business possibilities for you to make more investments.

    Start Any Business (SAB) assists you to achieve this by offering proper professional support from consultation to post-formation maintenance. Our consultants are trained specialists with years of experience in the industry of real estate. SAB takes pride in providing transparent business or company formation services at a very affordable cost.

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