Fujairah Creative City Free Zone cost and Business Set up

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    Fujairah Creative City Free Zone cost and business Set up

    Fujairah Creative City is a new media-centered inventive free zone giving affordable business formation packages for new businessmen. The Creative City gives a wide array of business activities in the sector of media, event management, consulting, communication, education, entertainment, design, and more. Setting up a company in Fujairah Free zone gives a great key for businessmen and startups in the media, innovation, and other professions to effortlessly form a new corporation in the United Arab Emirates.

    Fujairah is a radiant-free zone to form a business. The economy is increasing regularly and there are several schemes for the emirate’s development. The plan concentrates on urban growth and stable economic development. This would give the Fujairah government a plethora of resources to handle the future development of the city. This would even help the government to address local, municipal, and federal level assignments.

    Everything About Fujairah Creative City Free zone –

    Fujairah Creative City has formed a sign as one of the quickest-developing media-related free zones in the whole MENA region. The zone was formed in 2007 as a choice to the Dubai Media City Free zone.

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    The free zone has undoubtedly increased in favor over the years. This is because of the comfort of starting a company there. Fujairah Creative City’s free zone price for establishment is greatly economical and this is one of the coming free zones in the country that need the least work and paperwork.

    The free zone has expertise in different sectors under the media class. Different measures have been taken over the years to make sure that the medical collections in the location have the resources to feature further creativity.

    The free zone gives a range of adaptable choices for the Fujairah Free zone business setup. These adaptable choices are FZC and FZE. This is even one of some free zones in the country that provides businessmen the choice to have a virtual office rather than a physical office space.

    The jurisdiction makes capable people work as freelancers. This even grants different kinds of licenses related to the media sector. These licenses comprise music, posting, recreation, IT, consultancy, and production.

    In addition, Creative City in Fujairah is one of the free zones in the country that gives the finest visa choices. This gives cost-effective keys for those who require visas and makes the investor capable to get around twenty visas under one business license. As a benefit, the corporation can stand established without the need for a visa for a businessman and employees.

    Benefits of Fujairah Free zone Business Setup

    1. 100% overseas ownership of the corporation
    2. No income, personal, or corporate taxes
    3. Complete repatriation of profits and capital.
    4. Strategic spot-increasing prospects
    5. The fast and simple formation procedure
    6. Top-notch infrastructure
    7. Low formation prices
    8. Free from all export and import obligations
    9. Access to location and worldwide markets by air, land, and sea.

    Activities Allowed in Fujairah Creative City Free zone

    Fujairah Creative City permits businessmen to conduct a broad array of business activities. These business activities majorly revolve around the industries of events, media, consulting, marketing, education, and more.

    These different activities allowed in Fujairah Creative City free zone are as follows –

    1. Broadcasting
    2. Media & Marketing
    3. Publishing
    4. Event Management
    5. New Media Services
    6. Consultancy
    7. Production
    8. Business Information
    9. Design
    10. Information Technology
    11. Education

    Certain activities like broadcasting will need the investor to obtain pre-approval from the free zone officials.

    Fujairah Creative City Free zone Promotions

    One of the reasons why the free zone stands out amongst other free zones is its attractive packages. This gives different packages, each of which completes distinct businesses depending on your business requirements. In addition, Fujairah City’s price of packages is greatly cost-effective. Two of the free zone’s very appealing packages are as follows –

    1. Commercial Plus 1

    This package is perfect for small company registration in Fujairah. This gives two visa eligibility and is suits for an individual stakeholder. The package comes with different advantages comprising, Flexi Desk, PRO services, complete features, etc.

    1. Baby Business

    This package is formed it decrease overhead expenses when starting a business. It creates it perfect for small ventures that require a cost-effective package. In addition, the package gives investors around six visa eligibility, a Flexi-desk feature, and more.

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