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    How to Apply for Pharmacy License in Dubai

    Take advantage of the benefits and get early mover benefits by opening a pharmacy store in Dubai. But to start a pharmacy store in Dubai you need to get a license to conduct it. So, if you want to know how to apply for a pharmacy license in Dubai then simply you need to get in touch with the Start Any Business (SAB) specialists who will guide you the complete criteria to get a license for pharmacy business and also help you during the entire process and complete it successfully in a shortest possible time. Below we mention some important factors that you should know before applying for a pharmacy license.

    The Dubai sector is experiencing an increase in demand for chemists and pharmacies as the international expatriate population continues to grow year on year. Despite the fact that the increased population in the sector reflects the many business and employment possibilities in Dubai, the huge increase in the level of the population living in different neighborhoods has necessitated good pharmacy stores to purchase medical supplies and prescribed medicines.

    What is a Pharmacy License in Dubai

    How to Apply for Pharmacy License in Dubai

    A pharmacy license in Dubai is an official permit from the Dubai Health Authority that authorizes a corporation, person, government, Limited Liability Company, or other sorts of business in Dubai to legally establish pharmacy conductions in Dubai.

    As an owner of a business, you need to understand that the medical, healthcare, and pharma industry as an entire comes under the supervision of this official director. Consequently, DHA is responsible for establishing pharmaceutical norms, enforcing healthcare policies, setting regulations, and issuing licenses for companies conducting in the healthcare field in Dubai.

    The Process to Get a Pharmacy License in Dubai

    The pharmacy license can be acquired by applying for a license to the DHA along with the necessary documents. The procedure of getting a pharmacist license in Dubai after registering your company is three simple steps for the process.

    1. Prepare the Necessary Documents

    First of all, you will be required to gather and prepare the necessary documents which are specified in the guidelines. You will have to submit them to the Dubai Health Authority during the process of getting a pharmacy license in Dubai.

    2. Get Initial Approval

    You need to register your pharmacy business to receive initial approval from the agency. To get initial approval you require to present the essential documents to the Ministry of Health of the UAE, to obtain approval from the Municipality of Dubai for commercial utilization of the premises selected for the establishment of pharmacy. Finally, present the documents for review to HRD for issuance of a letter of initial approval.

    3. Apply to Get the Final Approval

    At this stage, after getting initial approval, you will be required to apply for the final sanction letter from the Dubai Health Authority and Department of Health Regulations. Until your business is licensed, the final approval phase has many procedures of its own. Also, during this phase, drug control department officials will come and do an on-site evaluation of your drug facility. If all tedious needs are completed, the agency can grant a license within 20 days.

    Though the procedure is streamlined, this is sometimes becoming confusing for even experienced professionals to find the right processes at this stage. Therefore, in the final step, it is suggested to seek help from business setup consultants who can manage the complex procedures on behalf of you.

    Activities Allowed with the Pharmacy License in Dubai

    How to Apply for Pharmacy License in Dubai

    As per Federal Law No. 4 in the UAE of 1993, the pharmacy license in Dubai permits you to start selling, manufacturing, or buying pharmaceutical products in the United Arab Emirates. The pharmacy license is the legitimacy for private stores that are established and registered in the UAE. As per the Company laws of the UAE, the pharmacy license permits you to sell medical products to retail clients located in residential spots, residential complexes, and individual housing sectors.

    Why Do You Need a Pharmacy License in Dubai

    The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in Dubai is strictly regulated, and any person or venture wanting to conduct in it should get the appropriate licenses and permits by following the rules and regulations laid down by the DHA and the Ministry of Health and Prevention of the UAE. In addition, licensing is required to sustain the permits that authorize you to conduct a pharmacy store in the areas of Dubai.

    Above all, it is necessary to know that the pharmacy license has a date of expiration and requires it to be renewed prior to expiration by fulfilling all the necessary criteria specified by the officials. After getting the license, in particular, you as an owner of a licensed pharmacy are needed to sustain the norms specified by the government officials, as failing to do so will result in the authorities denying your pharmacy license.

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