Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks

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    Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks

    If you’re reading this, either you are launching a social media network, or you are looking for ways to increase your viewership. Both require the same amount of effort and technique. The first thing you need to do is decide who your audience is and learn everything about them; their movie preferences, where the work, dine and socialize, what type of cars they drive, who they love and why they’d be interested in what you have to say. This requires research, so don’t rest on your laurels. Get to work!

    After you have learned who your audience is you need to engage them in lively conversation, whether you have live videos or VOD, you have to be compelling enough to capture and keep their interest. A great way to do this is circling back to your research, watching videos that your target audience watches and taking key notes. Have a few friends over, spring for snacks, do a presentation and get feedback.

    Now that you have researched, created the perfect video and are ready to launch your social media network, you have to build an audience. One way to do this is to respond to their questions and comments. The audience has to be engaged. Make sure to find other creative ways to engage them, such as quizzes, contests or poll questions. Post results. Have a regular interval in which this is done. Make sure to get feedback from your viewers as well. Ask them if they prefer live interactions. Set aside time every week to engage in live interaction with your audience.

    You can also engage them by finding interesting people to interview, sending email blasts, and posting other media platforms, as some people prefer one over another. Change your photos every few weeks and make sure to post on a regular basis.

    It is really good to let your viewers know how often and when you post so that they can look forward to your latest content. Be aware of which platform your demographic prefers. Have a smile ready for all photos and throughout your videos.

    Appearances matter. Participate in online events. Make sure to look presentable and invest in your appearance. Network as often as you can and create a consistent tone for your brand. Friends are so important. Make sure they support you as well by partaking in your social media efforts and share your posts, photos and/or videos with others.

    Author Bio- Margie Heaneythe has been helping people get more social media followers for their personal and brand accounts since 2013 and loves sharing her knowledge with others on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube marketing strategies,

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