New Emiratisation Rules For Companies in the UAE For 2024

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    New Emiratisation Rules

    The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has announced an important update for businesses functioning in the UAE, which will help them embrace a new path of diversity and inclusivity. On July 11, 2023, the MoHRE issued an update to expand the Emiratisation targets, which were previously for companies with 50 or more employees. Now, an SME with a workforce of 20 to 49 employees is included in the scheme. This update is set to impact 14 important sectors in the UAE, and for SMEs, it presents both challenges and opportunities.

    Understanding the Emiratization Expansion

    Historically, Emiratisation goals have been only for large agencies in the UAE, however, this policy shift broadens its reach. As of 2024, SMEs within the 14 sectors mentioned under will be required to hire at least one UAE citizen, and in 2025, every other UAE citizen. The affected sectors include:

    1. Administrative and support services.
    2. Arts and entertainment.
    3. Education.
    4. Construction.
    5. Financial and insurance activities.
    6. Health care and social work.
    7. Hospitality and residency services.
    8. Information and communications.
    9. Mining and quarrying.
    10. Professional and technical activities.
    11. Real estate.
    12. Transformative industries.
    13. Transportation and warehousing.
    14. Wholesale and retail.

    What Can Companies in the UAE Do Now?

    This growth of Emiratisation goals is an exceptional opportunity for SMEs to make contributions to the UAE’s economic and social improvement. Here are some insights for SMEs to navigate this variation efficaciously:

    Embrace Diversity:

    Consider it a tremendous move towards diversifying your team of workers. UAE nationals have different perspectives and stories that could make contributions to your commercial enterprise’s growth and achievement.

    Early Planning:

    Start planning now to meet the 2024 and 2025 targets. Identify the jobs suitable for Emirati personnel and expand strategies for their integration.

    Engage Local Expertise:

    Seek the recommendation of professionals who are well-versed in Emiratization and the UAE’s labor market regulations to ensure compliance.

    Think Long-Term:

    Hiring Emirati graduates can be a win-win for SMEs and young task seekers. While SMEs might not constantly compete with large companies in terms of salaries, they can offer opportunities for professional growth and development.

    Stay Informed:

    Keep yourself updated on government projects and incentives that can guide your Emiratisation efforts. The UAE’s dedication to growing a diverse and skilled staff may come with various guides to help you in your journey.


    Consider forming partnerships or collaborating in applications that connect SMEs with potential Emirati applicants. The authorities and nearby agencies often facilitate such connections.

    Leverage Technology:

    Embrace information technology for skills acquisition and management. Online task portals and virtual conversations can streamline the hiring process.

    The Path Forward: Seizing the Emiratization Opportunity

    In the words of David Mackenzie, Managing Director at recruitment firm Mackenzie Jones, “Essentially, each agency in the UAE will hire an Emirati at some point in the future.” Mackenzie’s words resonate profoundly because the UAE is embarking on a new phase of its Emiratization adventure. The introduction of Emiratization objectives for small and medium-sized agencies (SMEs) no longer represents a policy shift but a golden opportunity for SMEs to play a pivotal role in shaping the UAE’s future with the Emirati workforce.

    Fostering Economic and Social Progress

    As the UAE continues towards the ‘We the UAE 2031’ strategy, the Emiratization marketing campaign turns into a symbol of the government’s unwavering commitment to improving the nation’s financial energy and social material. The UAE envisions a future where Emiratis play a vital part in the nation’s growth, both in terms of employment and contribution to key sectors.

    Unlocking Potential

    Embracing the growth of Emiratization goals isn’t only a matter of compliance; it is an opportunity to tap into the ability of the UAE’s local skills pool. Young Emirati graduates coming into the personnel carry sparkling views, cultural expertise, and a deep-seated dedication to their country’s development. SMEs have the chance to not only offer these graduates opportunities but also provide them with expertise in which they could increase and refine their abilities and contribute to SME growth.

    A Win-Win Proposition

    For SMEs, this expansion is not without its demanding situations, but it is crucial to recognize the win-win proposition it offers. While SMEs may not always compete with larger groups in terms of imparting high salaries, they have the flexibility to offer an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. Emirati graduates will discover an array of possibilities at SMEs, where they can definitely make a difference and make contributions to the enterprise’s growth.

    Early Action and Strategic Planning

    To thrive in this new Emiratization situation, SMEs must start planning early. Begin by figuring out roles suitable for Emirati employees and developing techniques for their integration into your group of workers. Collaborate with local educational establishments and government programs to become aware of and nurture nearby talent. Think long-term and recall your role in shaping the professional paths of young Emiratis.

    Government Support and Incentives

    Stay informed about government initiatives and incentives that would guide your Emiratization efforts. The UAE authorities are committed to creating a diverse and skilled group of workers and might offer help packages that can aid your journey.

    In conclusion, as SMEs come together to meet the new Emiratization objectives, they are not just complying with authorities’ regulations; they are actively shaping a brighter and more inclusive future for themselves and the UAE. By fostering diversity and providing possibilities for local graduates, SMEs are set to play a vast role in the UAE’s adventure in the direction of a wealthy and diverse future.

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