Mandatory Laws to Be Set for the Tourists Visiting Emirates

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    Mandatory Laws to Be Set for the Tourists Visiting Emirates

    The United Arab Emirates is the right choice for those who want to spend their time in peace with the beautiful sights. The country allows its visitors to visit with full swing and entertainment. However, there are certain limitations that travellers should follow while travelling to UAE. The law has set guidelines for the residents similarly to the residents in order to prevent the serenity of its state. You must keep this in mind while being there. Regardless of any nationality y, you will have to follow these rules that are mandatory for you while being there. these are regulations that are important to prevent the atmosphere from any consequences that may damage the other person living there. keep in mind certain rules and regulations with respect to illegal substances and prohibited acts that may put you in danger and can spoil your trip too.


    It is not a big deal about apparel if you are travelling to UAE. Although UAE has set some regulations that assist the tourist to wear proper clothes while visiting UAE. It will be a very different exposure for you if you wear traditional Emirati clothes. The law has set rules with the apparel of tourists to cover their bodies. But, the country is diversified with multiple numbers of tourists cannot make strictness. You can wear the wardrobe you feel satisfied with. You will enjoy the traditional abaya that women wear. Uae allows you to experience diverse apparel according to your satisfaction of you. you can wear an abaya, formal and casual. So don’t wait and pick the apparel that suits you the best and fly to Dubai!


    The United Arab Emirates although has many international residents living there still it prohibits drinking. As it is an Islamic state and follows the sharia law, you cannot drink in public while being in any state. Whereas, it is completely illegal and banned to drink alcohol in Sharjah. Moreover, other states allow the residents and tourists in their homes. Dubai allows drinking at age of 21 but again prohibited publically. Dubai adopted a change in its federal law with respect to drinking. According to this amendment, drinking is no longer a criminal offence when it comes to tourists and residents. Also, the tourists do not need any license requirement no longer according to this law. You will be able to consume alcohol only in licensed bars and in your hotels if want to do so. The law is strict due to the inappropriate behaviour that they can show towards the public in the subconscious situation. Similarly, there are strict punishments for those who drive whilst drinking. This situation can cause some serious injury that may damage property or personal life too. You should beware of the rules and regulations on drinking rules. Although the law allows you to enjoy the time within the limitations. Breaching these conditions may lead to serious consequences either related to the law or the life of any other resident.


    You should keep in mind when travelling to UAE that fundraising is not allowed on the premises of the country. the law strictly prohibits its citizens either travellers or residents to collect any funds. If you are willing to collect any money, you must take approval from the concerned department otherwise you will be punished accordingly. Never think to do any fundraising campaign that will lead to the punishment of penalty and even deportation from the country. such activities are regulated by the country either done by social media or any other platform. In case you want to do any such activity, you can consult the legal firms in Dubai or any state that will advise you about the correct way for collecting charity. These firms aim to provide highly professional expert suggestions in accordance with rules and regulations. Any deviation from the law may fine you with a penalty and criminal offence.

    Poppy seeds 

    The United Arab Emirates has strictly banned the bringing of poppy seeds from travellers. Make sure that you do not take anything that contains even the least quantity of poppy seeds in it. If you are planning to travel, try to cross-check the bakery items against their ingredients because it can lead to serious consequences even deportation from the country. the country has banned the use of drugs in the promises which is why has restricted the use of poppy seeds too. The poppy seeds have health effects and their minute quantity can make you abandon country life. Similarly, the smuggling, import and trafficking of such substances can lead to death punishment according to the laws imposed by the country. beware before making entry with your luggage and food items you are going to take with you. you will endanger your life if you surpass the law by taking any of the substance with you.

    Final talk

    You will enjoy the trip being a tourist in the premises of UAE by taking the above-mentioned measures with respect to travelling rules about different aspects. You can dance, enjoy bars, and enjoy evenings at beaches and modest buildings. But beware with respect to illegal conditions that are set by the government for the travellers. You will have to face a hard time if you breach the rules and regulations that may expel your lifetime from the premises of the country. therefore, take the best care while packing luggage so that you will not face any hindrance while on the trip.

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