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    How To Get The Citizenship By Investment And Visa Free Travel To 154 Countries

    Citizenship by investment programs offer families the privileges of getting second citizenship, which offers them the freedom to travel freely to several destinations and live in another nation. Over many countries in the globe have some form of investment migration legislation in the destination. If you are wondering how to get citizenship by investment and visa-free travel to 154 countries, here we mention a complete guide.

    The citizenship by investment programs provide you with the chance to legitimately get a new nationality and an alternative passport quickly and simply, without major disruption to your life. Citizenship by investment is the procedure of getting second citizenship and passport by spending in the host country’s economy. Citizenship by investment programs legitimately give citizenship status faster than usual immigration methods and do so without needing traders to put their lives on hold.

    There are several analyses to spend on a second investment, from personal security to improved worldwide versatility. Applications can be accepted in as few as three months, resulting in citizenship for life, a valid passport, visa-free travel and more. Economic citizenship begins up a world of opportunities to great net worth traders.

    With the help of the best firm, you can get citizenship by investment and visa-free travel to 154 countries easily without any hassle. Get a British commonwealth or EU passport, which allows you to travel visa-free worldwide and become a World citizen. Citizenship will be passed down to future generations, offshore banking, relocation and visa-free access a lifetime long.

    How to Get Citizenship by Investment

    Passport legacy is an experienced firm in the citizenship by investment industry. This firm offers a wide range of professional’s services to clients comprising the acquisition of alternative residence or citizenship and also real estate.

    Passport Legacy Team

    All countries have unique situations for issuing second citizenship by investment. The amounts and types of investments, needs for traders, registration costs, investment terms and the procedure of getting citizenship to differ.

    The investment amount may comprise many parts. One part is an irrevocable contribution to the country’s economy in exchange for a passport; this money cannot be returned. The second possible part is an investment in the local real estate, securities, business or other assets. They can be sold on average after five years. Such investments can be lucrative.
    One will also have to pay state fees, lawyer’s services, translation and legalization of documents. If you buy real estate, additional charges will be needed to pay taxes and services offered by lawyers.

    The needs for investors are unique in each country. First, you need to show differences in each country. First of all, you require to show sufficient income or significant savings, which will be enough to support the family.

    Investors can apply for citizenship instantly for the whole family, spouse, children and applicant’s parents. Each additional applicant, comprising spouse and children, will have to pay extra fees. Essential condition children over 18 and parents must be financially dependent on the investors.

    Citizenship By Investment in UAE

    The UAE announced in January 2021 it intends to launch a citizenship by investment program for selected traders and specialized professionals. It is a massive transformation to the GCC custom of never conferring citizenship, however only allowing residence permits and visas to overseas nationals.

    UAE motives to draw unique talent and also traders that can provide to the UAE economy. The UAE cabinet, local courts and executive councils will nominate eligibility for UAE citizenship.

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