How LED Screen Business Is Profitable In Dubai

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    How LED Screen Business Is Profitable And The New Trends In Dubai Market

    You can easily make your business of LED screen profitable by buying a screen and renting it out. To attract the crowd people are searching for new and affordable ways. The technology used in mobile LED screens makes them the best option in this regard. In this write-up, we are trying to understand the concept of the LED screen business and the latest trends in their market, especially in Dubai

    Introduction With a Mobile Led Screen Business

    A large LED screen (example by Dynamo LED Dubai) mounted on a trailer or a truck to display images and videos outdoor can be known as a mobile LED screen. These screens are durable and can be set up and operated easily to view images and videos even in the daytime. These screens are available in various sizes ranging from 8′ to 30′ in width. The main aim of designing these screens is to allow large crowds to see the images and videos clearly from long distances.

    People in the business of LED screens usually rent out their screens to businesses, companies as well as individuals for certain specific events. These screens can be used for displaying web streaming, advertisements, live TV programs as well as images and videos created by using a camera, etc.

    Basics for Starting a Business of Renting Out Led Screens

    To start your business of renting an LED screen first you have to buy it. The price of a LED screen may vary from $10,000 to 100,000 depending upon their model brand and features. But the overheads of storing and operating LED screens are comparatively low. The main costs of operating a LED screen business include the cost of storing it and fuel for traveling and running displays. These costs can be covered up easily if you rent your screen for nearly $6,000 per day. You can learn how to operate your screen from the company you have bought it as it is easy to learn everything in this regard within a few hours. Now you have to plan how to make your business profitable.

    Tips to Make Dubai Led Screen Rental Business Profitable

    You can make your LED screen hire business profitable just by following the event ideas provided here under.

    Roadside advertising events: Digital signage boards are usually rented by event managers on a temporary basis for displaying advertisements, messages, and directions, etc.

    Drive-in events: Public gatherings have become the thing of the past at the time of pandemic Covid-19 throughout the world. in this situation, communities have started organizing drive-in events to gather people safely without coming out of their cars. You can offer your LED screen for such events and earn a profit.

    Private clubs: Usually special events are organized by country clubs. In these events, they temporarily hire a LED screen for outdoor viewing.

    Large-scale events: Rented LED screens are also hired for large events like festivals, concerts, fun-runs, marathons, fundraising, and tournaments, etc. to keep the audience engaged.

    Community events: LED screens are also hired by community events like the recreation of employees or some other similar event to display movies in the park etc.

    Latest trends in LED screen markets

    • You can rent out your LED screen for several applications including advertisement signage etc. by following the latest trends in the market.
    • These days LED screens are installed in new styles and designs to attract visitors and steal the show.
    • The display walls made of LED screens are made strong and durable so that they can be used outdoors in any weather conditions, harsh and subtle.
    • LED screens used to display videos have become the main attraction these days because various videos can be displayed continuously to attract prospective customers towards your brand.
    • Today space-saving LED screens are also gaining popularity as they do not occupy space unnecessarily. the quality of visibility of a high wall used on skyscrapers as well as a window size screen is equally good. So it is important to save space for the public.
    • Instead of using LED screens in regular shapes, people like to see the display in different shapes like circular or square, etc. to make them more attractive


    The increasing popularity of LED screens has encouraged many people to start their rental businesses. They can improve the profitability of their business by renting out their screen for different types and events as well as by following the latest trends in the market.

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