Have you ever experienced Dubai Desert Safari?

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    Have you ever experienced Dubai Desert Safari?

    That’s the question your acquaintances may ask. Well, experiencing Dubai Desert Safari is not a normal safari park, but it can indulge you in a lot of other activities. Dubai Desert Safari is something you shouldn’t miss when you travel to Dubai.

    Moreover, it has poignant and picturesque sunrise and sunset and is a lot of fun to watch. Further adding, you can fill your appetite with delicious food offered by different restaurants and camps in the Dubai Desert Safari.

    In this draft, we’ll guide you about some facts regarding Dubai Desert Safari, which you’ll surely abet.

    Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

    Dubai Desert Safari Packages

    Self-drive Safari

    If you want to drive yourself to the Safari, then this will be the ideal choice for the journey. It can cost around 40 AED per person.

    Morning Desert Safari

    Morning Desert Safari is also an amusing package for your family. It cost only 150 AED per person. A 4×4 land cruiser will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the Desert Safari. There are a lot of fun activities in this package.

    You can do camel riding, quad-bike riding, sandboarding, and enjoy every moment of the sunshine. Moreover, you can capture the picturesque sunset in the Desert, which looks spellbinding.

    You can also rest at the camps, where you can drink and eat delicious food. Also, make some smoke with Sheesha.

    Overnight Desert Safari

    This is the most amazing Desert Safari tour. An overnight desert safari will cost you 240 AED per person. This is also the most demanding one. You can enjoy belly dance and rest at the camps while counting the stars. The temperature drops at night, so you will be able to feel warm and cold air, which touches your soul directly.

    Things to consider at Dubai Desert Safari

    ●Get your refreshment before entering Dubai Desert Safari, like water bottles and other refreshments in your bag.
    ● Don’t forget to bring sunblock, or else your skin might burn.
    ● Don’t forget to bring a camera or just a mobile camera to capture exhilarating moments in the Desert.
    ● Don’t forget to bring money or a credit card to spend some money at the restaurants and camps.

    What to do at Dubai Desert Safari

    ● Enjoy the dune bashing in a 4×4 land cruiser on uneven terrain. It looks amazing and is an adrenaline 20–a 40-minute journey that takes you to your desired location.
    ● Ride a 4-wheel quad bike in the Desert over uneven dunes, which looks amazing and is a memorable moment. You’ll need to rent a bike, and the operator will guide you on how to use it.
    ● Snowboarding? Try sandboarding at the Dubai Desert Safari, which looks absolutely enthralling for new visitors.
    ● Get on a hot air balloon, which will let you experience the whole Desert at 360 degrees. You can picture this amazing moment.
    ● You can stay at the camps for delicious food, Sheesha, and drinks. There are located in several locations.

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