How to do Cosmetic Products Registration in Dubai?

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    How to do Cosmetic Products Registration in Dubai

    Dubai is one of the leading centers of international trade. This is the location to manufacture, import, and re-export many kinds of products. One of the very crucial items in Dubai are cosmetics products. So, if you are willing to launch cosmetics products in the Dubai market and want to know how to do cosmetic products registration in Dubai, then the very simple and right answer is, you need to consult with one of the best business formation consultants at Start Any Business who will provide you with complete guidance on the process of registering your cosmetics products and also assist you during the entire procedure. They will make your process very easy, reliable, and obstacle-free. Here we mentioned a little guide on how one can register their cosmetics products in Dubai.

    The cosmetic market is increasing rapidly. Ranked among the most precious per capita spenders on cosmetic products in the world, the Dubai emirate is said to be transforming into one of the best beauty and personal care markets. With regard to the export and import of cosmetic products, the Dubai government grants a compulsory regulation about cosmetic product registration. This rule applies to all kinds of cosmetic products manufactured industrially and placed on the market of Dubai, including the manufacture, distribution, packaging, and trading of cosmetic products must first be registered with the Municipality of Dubai.

    The preliminary concern of cosmetic product registration is customer safety, in which the procedure permits the Consumer Products Safety Section to evaluate the safety of cosmetic products when applied on hair, skin or any exposed part of the body. However, with proper registration, no cosmetic products would be exported, manufactured, advertised, imported, distributed, and sold in Dubai without registration. The cosmetic products registration is valid for 5 years.

    The Process of Cosmetic Products Registration in Dubai 

    To register your item, you should have a registered company. The company should have a business license in UAE as only a UAE company goes to the Municipality of Dubai for product registration. The business activity should be general or cosmetic trade. The steps you need to follow are –

    • Formation of a New Company 

    The first need for the registration of cosmetic products is, you need a company that is based in UAE, as any product registration can only be completed under a UAE-based venture. The company may be a Freezone company or a Dubai LLC. You can communicate with the business setup consultants regarding cosmetic products Business Setup in Dubai. In addition, the company should hold a general trade license or a cosmetic trade activity.

    • Register of the Company 

    After establishing a company, the next phase is, you need to register your company with the Municipality of Dubai. It is a long procedure as the documents must be presented to Dubai Municipality as well as complete details. The business setup consultants in Dubai will help you during the company registration process.

    • Apply for Label Assessment 

    After the registration of your company with the Dubai Municipality, now you can move forward for label assessment. You should provide a sample of a product to the Municipality as well as the product label that is also known as artwork.

    • Product Label 

    The label should adhere to the Dubai Municipality regulations and give general details. There are some needs for the label that must be completed prior to submission. The business formation professionals will help you with the label assessment.

    The Requirements of Cosmetic Products Registration in Dubai 

    Prior to registering your product, you need to understand carefully the cosmetic products business registration requirements in Dubai. The following are the needs you need to comply with –

    • Cosmetics include only those products that are intended for oral activity, teeth, and external parts of the body.
    • The major function of cosmetics is cleaning, changing appearance, perfume, protecting, correcting body odors, and keeping it in sound situation.
    • All ingredients in cosmetic products should be safe for the human body. Any banned ingredients in any of these items or an unsafe amount of any prohibited item would make it unfit for registration in Dubai.
    • It is not permitted to manufacture, import, place, or sell on the market any cosmetic product before its registration and brand licensing.
    • There is different official for the registration of various kinds of cosmetic products, and there can be particular documents needed by these authorities for the process of licensing and registration.
    • In the situation of importing a cosmetic product, the documents should be verified by the embassy of the UAE.
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