How to start a software company in Dubai

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    How To Start A Software Company In Dubai

    Dubai has a well-structured IT industry and is one of the Emirates, that provides adequate conditions to establish relevant operations. In Dubai, for example, it is possible to open a software company specializing in the Free zones produced for its form of activity. The IT sector is growing due to many factors and it is successful and very efficient. If you are wondering how to start a software company in Dubai then here we present you a few things that are must to know for company setup. 

    What Is a Software Company

    In Dubai, with a series of application software and its documentation, software company permits you to understand the requirements and problems of the customers, and it is relevant in different sectors, accounting, medicine, and engineering. It also provides device capabilities that are designed for operate on notebooks and portable devices. There also have been recent technologies that have entered the sector. 

    How To Start A Software Company In Dubai

    Where Can One Open a Software Company in Dubai?

    The IT industry in Dubai is expected to develop considerably. As recent surveys indicate that by 2020, this sector would generate 22 billion AED. 

    The annual growth of this industry is expected to access 3.5% from next year. As the population is more inclined to use applications created by software companies. 

    Those who are interested in set up a software company in Dubai can register it in the Dubai mainland or in one of the free zones. Our business setup consultants in Dubai can help with the registration of software companies in the mainland or in the free zone. 

    How to Register a Software Business in Dubai

    In order to register a software company in Dubai, first of all, you require to determine your target market. This is recommended that you establish your company on mainland Dubai if you want to do more local business alongside the overseas business. The Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai, which governs license on the mainland, has presented various adjustments to simplify the processes and the cost of the open company in Dubai. 

    The other option is to establish in the free zone if your target market is strictly domestic. Free zones are governed under their own legal framework and are not able to operate business activities on the mainland. To carry their business on the local market, some companies registered in free zones need to select a local distributor agent on the mainland but are license without restrictions for doing international business. 

    Requirements for Setting Up a Software Company in Dubai

    The software domain is one of the most developed and important IT branches in Dubai because there are several companies that provide innovative services and applications for public services in the city. Business personas have the possibility to open software companies not only in Dubai but also in respective free zones for a favorable tax regime. 

    How To Start A Software Company In Dubai

    To start an IT business in Dubai, it is suggested to pay attention to the license required, and especially professional ones that are issued by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the UAE. For a speedy start in the IT sector, you can address your request to consultants in Dubai who can provide you the necessary assistance while registering a software company in Dubai. 

    Obtaining a Professional License for an It Company in Dubai

    The first and foremost step while applying for a software company license in Dubai is to make a clear description of the activities undertaken in one’s business. The next step will be to hire a local service agent who will look after all the legal formalities to get a professional license in Dubai. After the appointment, receive initial approval from the Department of Economic Development. Apart from this, you need to reserve a name for the business and then submit all the required documents to the DED for approval. 

    What Documents Are Required in Order to Open a Software Company in Dubai?

    The documents require to be submitted with the DED in the emirate for company formation are:

    • Copies of passport of the person and their partners’ requesting the license
    • Proof of payment of the initial fee for approval
    • Local partners’ naturalization book’s copy
    • NOC for foreign partners from their sponsor
    • The partnership agreement has to be signed in presence of a notary
    How To Start A Software Company In Dubai

     Your software company requires to have a registered office which means that the owner also needed to add a tenancy contract when applying for the professional license in Dubai. 

    If you are interested to start a software company then, above we mentioned the process that will surely help you. For more details, you can contact us at Start Any Business

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