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    How To Start A Poultry Farm In UAE

    In the UAE poultry farming is an attractive business because only in-house developed poultry farming products meet 50% of the demand. The entrepreneurs that want to make the necessary investment to have the complete structure to start a business in Dubai. Here we bring you the process of how to start a poultry farm in UAE. This will help you to understand the essential requirement for a poultry farm.

    Basic requirements for a poultry farm in UAE

    1. Creating a Business Plan

    A business scheme is a roadmap that involves ways to achieve the goals of the business. The business scheme for poultry farming as follows:

    • You need to find a suitable location for starting a poultry farm in the UAE.
    • The second thing is you need to make a list of essential equipment.
    • You need to choose a bird from the variety of birds for your farm.
    • Description of procedures like production of the egg, and broiler breeding, etc.
    • Specifications related to different resources like financial resources, and human resources, etc.
    • You need to make plans for advertising and marketing strategies for poultry farms.
    • Information on necessary legal clearances like permissions and licenses.

    2. Select a location and Procuring Required Equipment

    The most important step is to select an appropriate location for your business. The size of the place is depending on the scale of the business, and which type of farm you want such as Free-range Poultry farm required 12,000 to 36,000 sq. ft approximately. So that birds can move around freely and Semi poultry farm required 8,000 sq. ft space.

    Other factors for thinking while choosing the location will find a place away from the city, preferably with secured, quiet, and free from pollution, easy accessibility like freshwater, market to purchase items. Although, when commercializing the production of poultry, this is always advisable to starting a poultry farm on the land of one.

    In addition, need to understand which kinds of equipment are necessary for the functioning of the business, and purchasing them is essential at an early stage. But you need to decide first which system to follow such as, semi-intensive system, intensive system, and extensive system.

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    3. Take measures for the care of poultry farm in UAE

    This is imperative to take precautionary measures to make sure the safety and health of birds, that would help in their complete nutrition and development. There are some dangers when operating a poultry farm, but the most one is poultry diseases. Need to provide nutritious food, clean water, regular vaccinations are necessary for poultry farm in UAE.

    4. Inspection of municipality

    This is also important that the municipality will have to be informed and there would be an inspection by the municipality to measure all requirements as per the department of environment to permit the farm to begin the production.

    5. Obtaining necessary licenses to start a Poultry Farm in UAE

    You need to obtain the license from the municipality to start a poultry farm in UAE. Also, you need to obtain necessary permission such as NOC from the pollution board. The UAE has taken steps to promote and support the poultry farm business. Once you receive the approval from the municipality, you can visit the department of economic development and receive the license by the proof of payment that you made.

    6. Conducting effective Marketing and Advertising

    When you select the name and a logo for your poultry farm, you need to marketing the poultry products in the UAE it is easy due to high demand. You can sell the products in the market and even transport them to nearby cities. It is depending on the scale of production.

    Benefits of Poultry Farming in UAE

    • The people are becoming highly understanding of healthy food, which has helped a lot in poultry farming. The people like poultry products because they are high in nutrition.
    • At the commercial level, of poultry farm in UAE can be a lucrative business.
    • Plenty of spaces are not required to start poultry farming. You can begin with your possible region.
    • Poultry farming might be instantly productive.
    • You are supporting agricultural products that have instant demand.
    • Work chances on several levels are built.
    • Most economic institutions and business people will support lending packages for poultry farmers.

    We mention how to start a poultry farm in UAE. If you are interested then these all processes will help you to start your farm in the UAE.

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